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KFC Coupons: 4x Wicked Wings + Reg Chips for $6 and More


PLU901 - $5.99 - Wicked Fix - 4 wicked wings, reg chip
PLU210 - $8.99 - Wicked Slide - 1 slider, 2 wicked wings, reg chip, reg pg, reg drink
PLU303 - $9.99 - Poppin chicken - 2 chicken, reg pg, reg chip, supercharge sauce
PLU304 - $17.99 - The Ultimate date - colonel, zinger, 2 reg pg, 2reg chip, 2 reg drink 2 bread roll

Bucket deals
PLU323 - $29.99 - Chicken & Chips - 10 chicken, 2 large chip
Check comments for a very good value bucket deal

There's a few more bucket deals but this seemed the best value imo.
I think you can also add 2 chicken for $5 although not 100% certain

Also remember to use the survey code on orders over $5
Check @ytrewq comment on for information on how to easily generate a code using talktokfc - easiest to redeem in drive through as you give it at the speaker so they don't know if you have physical receipt or not

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  • Instead of the 10pc chicken and chips for $30, go for a sharing bucket - it's around $31 and you get 10 pcs plus whichever three sides you want.

  • Wicked fix code is PLU109. The guy at the counter couldn't find 901.

  • Every KFC deal is so terrible in comparison to gimme 5 . 10 pieces for 30 bucks ?? When you can get 5 for 9.99. wish they'd just make it a secret code like it used to be

    • Can't be a permanent menu item because profit margins are too low. Also, they expect you to buy fries or drink with your gimme five to increase their returns, but being a Cheapie, that ain't happening lol. Just now I bought the Texas Chicken 5 for $10 deal, and lady behind the counter kept asking me several times if I wanted sides with that.