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Collect 5 Bonus Smeg Stickers When You Buy 4 Cadbury Christmas Mix Chocolate Bags 141g ($20) @ New World


For those who are collecting stickers for SMEG knives, this is good deal.
Buy 4 packs (spend $20) and collect 5 stickers.

You can get more of course!
These are decent gifts for friends/colleagues too!

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New World
New World


  • 4pack=4 stickers?

  • FYI: one sticker has a value of between $2.40 and $4.00 when enough are collected to exchange for these Smeg items: https://www.newworld.co.nz/christmas/smeg

    For example, 25 stickers can be exchanged for one 8cm knife with a purported value of $59.90.

    In order to get a complete set of knives and the knife block, you would need 245 stickers plus $50. This would require buying $980 worth of the deal above, plus $50, to acquire a set with a purported value of $672.20. If you do this, I would recommend using the 18cm Santoku knife to prepare the 196 bags of chocolate you will be eating until Christmas 2021.

  • Was looking for these (as am doing hampers for work) but looks like Roskill, New Lynn and GreenBay didnt get them, Anyone seen any in Auckland?