PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership - $67.45 @ Mighty Ape


Usual price $90. Other retailers most likely offering the same deal soon Sony usually do this just before the xmas rush.

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  • Can you use Australian ones?

    If so, these might be better:

    JB HiFi (AUD 59.95 - about NZD 63)

    Amazon AU (note: starts in 7 days' time) (AUD 55.96 - about NZD 59)


    • No. Unlike Xbox subscriptions the PS+ subscriptions are region locked so if you have one from one region you can't top it up with a sub from another region.

      Of course if you don't currently have a PS+ sub or are nearing the end you can always make a new user on your console for whatever region you want, set it as primary, then get the PS+ sub from that region. You can keep playing on your normal NZ account because setting the new account to primary will allow all other users on the console to play online and also access the monthly PS+ games from that region. I have half a dozen accounts from different regions so I can take advantage of flash sales from other PSN stores, they're all set as primary and I play all the games I've bought from them on my main NZ account.

      If you're looking for the cheapest 12 month sub I recommend Indonesia, a 12 month PS+ sub there is currently about $42nzd, their games are pretty cheap as well, you can get the Gold Edition of AC Valhalla for just over $100nzd compared to $160 on the NZ PSN. And they're in English if you're wondering.

      The only downside is that when your NZ PS+ sub isn't active you'll lose access to your library of NZ PS+ games that you've downloaded over the years until you activate it again.

      And everyone should have a US account on their consoles to take advantage of Amazon digital sales and flash sales on the US PSN store that can be pretty damn cheap. The US store is actually a good one to have a PS+ sub for, their PS+ discount sales are usually better than most other regions.

  • JB Hi-Fi has it for the same price.