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[PC] Star Citizen - Free Fly Event (Normally from US$45) @ Roberts Space Industries


Jump in and try Star Citizen for free with this 12 Day free-fly event where you will be able to try out all the currently flyable in-game ships (over 100 ships) as part of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo! Each ship manufacturer will have their ships on display and available for free rental for a day before the next manufacturer is made available for display.

The IAE happens once a year and is a great chance to try out this great (work in progress) game for no commitment.

No purchase is necessary for this free fly event but there will be discounts on game packages. Star Citizen is a work in progress and is STILL in the Alpha stage of development (don't get me started) but there is definitely fun to be had.

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Referee receives 5,000 UEC credits. Referrer earns 1 Recruitment point after new player purchases a Game Package (worth at least $40)

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    Sigh, i really want them to release this game. So many shenanigans around it's delayed release, i'm starting to lose faith in it ever leaving development hell. FWIW, it's still definitely worth trying for anyone who likes space games!

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      They will never release the game, at least in a finished state. Why bother with something as trivial as game development when fans will give you hundreds of millions of Dollars just for the mere promise of it?

      Anyway Epic Game Store is giving away Elite: Dangerous for free on Friday. It's a space game that you can actually play.

      • People keep saying that, but I feel they are way too deep in it now to get away with it without some serious legal backlash. There's definitely been a lot of shenanigans though.

        Elite is a fun game, but the problem is, i find it a bit boring unless you get absorbed into the science aspect of the game. Star Citizen is really quite different.

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          They can get away with it - it's called bankruptcy. Everyone who has paid for anything will become unsecured creditors, with only a residual claim against the company's worthless assets. Their fine print is legally structured to deny refunds for anything, for any reason.

          It is exactly those fanboys who keep pumping money into the game that is the source of these problems, because this means that RSI doesn't have to go to the bank or publisher for finance. If the banks and/or publishers were involved they would've ousted Chris Roberts long ago.

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    yeah, its a joke. I paid $80 USD for it about.. let me see.. eight years ago….. was supposed to be out in 2014…..

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      Never. Pre-order. Anything.

      -TotalBiscuit (RIP)

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