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Free 1 Yr Blinkist subscription for AMEX card holders [Usually $119USD or approx $180NZD]


Came across this sweet deal today when I was looking for a decent promo code for a Blinkist sub - saved me $180

It says you must be a "US" American Express Card Member to redeem but I just tried it with my NZ AMEX login details and It worked just fine.

Just remember to 'turn-OFF auto renew' once you have set-up your Blinkist account.

If you don't know about Blinkist:
Blinkist brings you knowledge from top nonfiction and podcasts, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Read or listen to the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction titles in 15 minutes.

You're welcome

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  • How do you turn off the auto renew? Couldn't find it easily in the app or browser.

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      From memory, it's under 'Settings' > 'Cancel Subscription' > 'turn off auto renew'.
      Just pick any reason for cancellation. Don't worry it won't end your Free year subscription doing so.

      • Correct it worked for me also. Great find

      • Thanks!!

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      You get an email with link to account settings

      Not sure what you signed up for? It happens! You can view your subscription settings here https://www.blinkist.com/nc/settings

  • got it thanks!

  • Hi did you check your AMEX transactions that you definitely didn’t get charged? I guess they still have the right to charge if we aren’t “US” Amex customers?

    • on payment page it says free year. i actually just used my visa. it has a charge hold of $0 on my statement.

  • Oddly, it doesn't even appear to validate that your AMEX is still active..

    • Yep that’s what I am worried about. I stopped at “entering cc details”. Even though it says submit to get one year of free trial, it states clearly the promo is only for US AMEX customers and I don’t know if they can still charge the card if they want to. I guess I am going to pass on this one just to be safe but thanks OP for sharing!

      • If the billing page clearly indicates no charge, they cannot reasonably suddenly charge you except for future renewals. If they do, you have the right to demand a full refund. Of course they don't have to let you keep the subscription if they realise there was an error in their checking and they clearly specified promo terms which you didn't meet.

        • I see, thank you.

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