Google Nest Mini with Chromecast or Ultra?

I just bought a Nest Mini and would like to setup to control my tv (turn on and off without using remote control), I'm thinking whether to buy a chromecast or chromecast Ultra.
Do I need Ultra (adaptor-powered) or I can just get the cheaper Chromecast (usb-powered) in order for Nest to switch the tv on & off?


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    Either will work if TV supports hdmi-cec commands.

    If TV usb always supplies power then that's fine. If TV usb only applies power when tv is on then you'll need a usb power supply.

    New version of Chromecast coming out that has a remote control. I think the remote control probably has built in mic for voice commands but you'll have to check BC I'm not sure.

    • I just checked with cable and phone, the usb port doesnt supply power when the tv is off, can you tell me what do you mean "you'll need a usb power supply"? Is that something I can plug into the tv usb to get it supply power all the time? Or do you mean I will have to go with Ultra?

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        This is a usb power supply.

        You'll need power to the Chromecast if you wish the Chromecast to turn on the tv via hdmi-cec.

        • Lol sorry was a bit confused before, I just check I think chromecast 2018 version come with usb power cable and the power supply, so I can just plug the chromecast to hdmi-cec, then power supply to the wall, and connected with usb cable to chromecast then I will good to go with Nest Mini to switch tv on and off, is that right? Cheers

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    Would you require the TV to be on to power the ChromeCast via USB?

    If so, you need to check whether the state that the TV goes into when ChromeCast turns it off, still supplies power to the USB socket.

    How you check that without having a ChromeCast already I am not sure!

    Hope that helps in some way,


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      To check just plug your phone into the usb port in the TV when it is on and off and see if it charged the phone.

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        Only issue I can see is that some TVs have more than two states (on and off).

        They seem to also have one or more 'stand-by' states - just not sure if they would all be the same with respect to supplying power to one or all USB sockets. Hopefully they are all the same.


        • When I turn off my tv using remote I can see underneath the tv it still have a red light (standby mode?), in order to completely turn off the tv I will need to manually flip the on/off switch on the other side.
          I have test the usb port with cable and my phone just now, with the switch on but tv off (standby mode) my phone is not charge, but when I turn my tv on ith remote, my phone start to charge, so I would say the usb port is not always supply power.

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            @Geoffgo: In that case, I would have doubts that you could use the USB only ChromeCast powered purely from the TV.

            Maybe you could plug in a USB charging cable via a multi-way power strip or a second wall socket close enough to 'permanently' power the ChromeCast?


          • @Geoffgo: There's quite often a setting on the television that will let you turn the USB power on or off during standby

  • The 2018 Chromecast can easily be powered by the televisions USB port but the ultra needs to use its own adapter as it requires more power.Depending on what setting you have on your television, some televisions go into hibernation and they won't start up automatically with the chromecast app (Or voice commands)and some have a power saving mode. You can sometimes switch the setting on or off on the television to have the television be on standby all the time .The chromecast app can only start the TV on standby and not turn it off, you'll need the televisions remote for that.

    • Ah I just ordered the 2018 version after find out it come with a power supply, hopefully it will work with my veon tv.

      • Yes it works on the Veon TV's USB , I've got one

        • Really? That awesome! I have tested with usb cable to my phone before it doesn't seem to start charging when I plug in, good to know that!

          • @Geoffgo: No power on standby to USB but it saves the chromecast running all the time.

          • @Geoffgo: Just to clarify on your particular Veon model,You will need an external powered USB,On standby you will then be able to turn the television on and off with Google assistant or home with either android or Apple phones and of course Google nest using voice commands.You can also turn the television on automatically using apps like Netflix ,neon ,TVNZ etc but you cannot turn the television off with these apps and will have to use voice commands or your TV remote.

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      Got my 2018 chromecast plugged in. Turns the tv on and off via voice commands.
      Have it powered with its own USB adapter

      • Yes the 2008 chrome cast runs quite cool on standby but the ultra for some reason seems to run hot so I have it on a smart switch and turn it off and then comes on with command to turn the TV on.

        • Of course your television has to have “HDMI-CEC”,To be able to turn on and off with voice commands and USB Power on standby or external USB hub.

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