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Gimme 5 (5 Pieces of Secret Recipe Chicken + Regular Chips) for $9.99 @ KFC


Gimme 5 deal us back @ KFC

5 original secret recipe chicken plus regular chips for $9.99

Coupon code is PLU12

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  • Expires 19/10/2020

  • Oh my glob… I was just thinking about this yesterday

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    yup, been waiting for this! too bad there is no hot n spicy.

    • KFC Hamilton has and doesn't charge any extra for hot and spicy.

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        A couple of south Auckland KFC have them permanently too.
        I don't know why can't they just do that everywhere.

        • Probably because of Texas Chicken, they always offer hot and spicy as far as I know.
          Just shitty of KFC, offer things for limited time only to generate easy money. But hey, competition nearby? Now we can sell it permanently and hopefully outplay the other competitor so we can go back to limeted time only!

          • @Dutch-Guy: I don't understand KFC NZ logic. They are selling Hot n spicy at premium price in most locations when they were available (25cents extra a piece if I recall correctly), you would think upselling your customer a product is the name of the game.

            I need to try Texas chicken one day. They are actually called Church's Chicken in the states.
            Unfortunately they don't have any stores in central Auckland.

            • @Zyo: Spicy Texas Chicken is really good - the chicken pieces are much larger! I sort of prefer Original Recipe KFC vs Original Recipe Texas though - but otherwise, I feel it's superior in every way!

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    It seems like it is always PLU12 for this?

  • Thank you.
    Dinner sorted.