Earn up to 900 Qantas Points for Free by Joining Quandoo and Downloading Their App @ Quandoo


Originally posted on ozbargain but a Kiwi relative tried and there's nothing stopping a person in NZ from signing up and claiming the points too, especially as Quandoo is coming soon to NZ too!

Who doesn't love free Qantas Points? ;)

Another easy way to pick up some free points, as well as 100 for each table you book with Quandoo, if you use it for that.

Step 1
Log in at Quandoo.com.au
Step 2
Open your profile by hovering over the account icon top right and selecting ‘Profile’
Step 3
Scroll down to ‘Earn Qantas Points’ and link your Qantas Frequent Flyer account

You will then be all set to earn 100 Qantas Points on every reservation you make via Quandoo.com or the Quandoo app. Your Qantas Points will arrive 7 days after you dine.

You will not be able to earn Quandoo Loyalty points if you choose to earn Qantas Points.

New to Quandoo? Sign up and earn 400 Qantas Points^

Create a free Quandoo account here and link your Qantas Frequent Flyer account.

New to the Quandoo App? Say Bon APPetit to 500 Qantas Points+

First, make sure you've linked your Qantas Frequent Flyer account to your Quandoo account. Then download the Quandoo app from the download links below and enjoy 500 Qantas Points within 14 days of downloading and logging in to the Quandoo app.

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  • Is it still the same deal with qantas points still having 3 year expiry and and use of or gain of points resets the 3 years?

    • Nope. If you earn at least 1 point per year, they’ll never expire.

    • I think it's 18 months actually, You need to do something every 18 months to extend the expiry of the points. So might be worth doing this just to extend points.

      • I believe you could either ‘use points’ or ‘earn points’ and the time period would extend?

  • FYI: 900 Qantas Points is worth approximately $15 for normal stuff like just buying a regular ticket. Very approximately.

    (But there's no fixed answer across the board because you get 5x the value if you use them for upgrades vs half the value if you use them to buy merch in their store.)