Best Credit Card in This Country

So at this moment, in the market of credit card - which one do you guys think the best?

What's important for me are rewards (have both Flybuys and Airpoints), with minimum fee (if possible <$50/year). Max limit/payment interests are bottom of the list, however bonus points for ease to use for international cash out/travel perks (insurance/lounge, etc)/low exchange.


  • Currently have the BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum. Cashback $1 for every $90 means 1.11% off everything you can buy on it.
    $90 annual fee. $10 additional card holder. 90 days free travel insurance for all cardholders too. Also has Concierge service, Purchase insurance and PriceGuard which is run by another insurance company; never used any of those services though.
    Basically have it for the free 90 day travel insurance (which isn't that useful currently).

  • Second the BNZ platinum advantage. I grumbled when they changed from airpoints to cash-back a few years ago. On airpoints I saved enough for a family trip to Gold Coast over a few years. But really, hard cash it better. If you do want to earmark it for travel just transfer your reward each month into a dedicated account that you only use for travel. I get $40-$100 cash per month. I think my fee is waived or discounted as a "founding member" Part of the deal to keep people with them when they changed from airpoints to cash. You wont get that if you apply now of course.

  • I have this also but my annual fee is $45. Maybe negotiate…

    • I'm pretty sure I don't pay an annual fee or additional cardholder fees for this. I rarely use my airpoints card anymore, as I don't see any point in accumulating airpoints in the current environment.

  • The BNZ Platinum Advantage is the best. If you fill up your car at least once a month the rewards are actually worth 2.5%. We spend about $3k/month —> 200 flybuys —> $1.50/litre off for up to 50 litres at Z or Caltex, so on $3k spend we get $75 rewards.

    Travel insurance is only for international, not domestic.