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12V Battery-Less Car Jump Starter, Supercapacitors - US$104.3 (NZ$159.58) Delivered, Was US$149 (NZ$227.97) - GadgetPlus.com


Main Features:
1. No need of precharge in advance
2. Jump start your car in 3 mins
3. Can be used in extreme weather (-40℃ | 70℃)

In addition to the cars, SuperCap 2 can be widely used for motorcycles, tractors, and motorboats equipped with a 12V battery. And it can handle up to 7.0 liters for gasoline cars and 4.0 liters for diesel cars.

Autowit SuperCap 2 car jump starter is built in supercapacitors, only requires a quick charge from your weak battery to get your car started. This is extremely convenient as you don't need to remember to pre-charge your jump starter.

If your car battery is totally dead, don’t worry. SuperCap 2 can be applied to other quick pre-charge alternatives.
1.from another car battery
2.from a USB power bank (If yor power bank is 5V/2A, then you need charge 20 mins)
3.from 12V cigarette lighter socket

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