[US Accounts Only] PlayStation Plus 1 Year Subscription – $44.06 @ Eneba


Here's a PushSquare article on how to create a US account:

The price tag of 44.06$ is reached by using the discount code PSPLUSUS at the checkout and paying with Credit card, PayPal or Google Pay. Paysafecard payment method will increase the price by a few percent.

If you have any issues or concerns – please get in touch with us through a direct message on CheapiesNZ or leave an e-mail at [email protected].


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  • Good price for ps+ with the ps5 just round the corner with the ps+ collection available day 1. A few q's.
    Is that NZ$ price?
    I've only ever had a nz account. Can I still use my ps+ content with a US account?
    Is this also legit or do Sony have a no no with accounts created from other countries?
    Will I be able to buy stuff from the NZ store with a US account?
    If its bought on the US store, do I have to have a US account to play the games in the future or I'm locked into always getting a US account?

    Sorry for the long list, I'm getting a PS5. Just want to be certain its ok to use on that going forward.

  • And just in case any cheapies didn't know, the ps5 releases 11th Nov here. And Sony have a new ps+ collection that lets you play this list of games for the price of a ps+ sub day 1 at launch which I think is just @$#^$%& awesome if you haven't played them.

    •God of War
    •The Last of Us: Remastered
    •Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    •Battlefield 1
    •Monster Hunter World
    •Fallout 4
    •Final Fantasy XV
    •The Last Guardian
    •Ratchet and Clank
    •Infamous: Second Son
    •Days Gone
    •Detroit: Become Human
    •Batman Arkham Knight
    •Mortal Kombat X
    •Persona 5
    •Until Dawn
    •Resident Evil: Biohazard

    My reason for getting a ps+ sub.

  • You need to create a US PSN account, it's the same as creating a NZ one all you have to do is have a valid US address, I recommend using a NZ Post Youshop address if you've got one because they're in a tax free state, if you haven't got a Youshop account create one.

    You then need to go into the settings on your console and set your console as primary on the account, doing this allows any other accounts on the console to play the games including PS+ monthly ones. Your other accounts will also gain all PS+ benefits apart from the extended cloud storage for saves which will be locked to the account with the active PS+ sub. I have accounts for UK, Hong Kong, US, Canada and NZ on my console, I've purchased games on all of them but have only ever played the games on my NZ account, apart from Overwatch which was purchased on my Canadian account and I play it on all my other accounts.

    DLC must be purchased from the same region the game was purchased or else it won't work. Once purchased it can be played across all accounts.

    PS+ perks (COD packs, Fortnite packs etc) will only be redeemable on the account with the subscription and won't be shared across accounts. Same goes for digital currency, it will only apply to the account it is purchased on.

    If you currently have a NZ PS+ subscription and you decide to get this US deal just remember that once your NZ sub expires you will lose access to the vault of PS+ monthly games that you've collected on your NZ account, you'll regain access if you ever activate your NZ PS+ sub again.

    Be aware that the only way to buy games from US PSN is by gift card, there used to be a loophole that allowed non US Paypal and credit cards to be used but as far as I know that has long been closed. I buy my cards from US Amazon (create a US Amazon account using your Youshop address), codes are instant delivery and all you're paying is the US price converted to NZ dollars with no extra fees on top apart from any PayPal ones. You're looking around $90nzd for new release games like Cyberpunk compared to $120 on the NZ PSN store. You can use a site like PSPrices.com which is a good place to compare prices for games from different PSN stores.

    Having accounts from other countries is good, it allows you to save a LOT of money. The games in the UK store aren't as cheap as in the US, they work out about the same price as NZ, but you can easily buy discounted credit for the UK store which can sometimes make them cheaper. Some of the sales in Hong Kong can be incredibly cheap. It's against Sony's T&C to do this, but I haven't heard of anyone ever being banned for buying content from other stores. But there's always a chance you could lose access to it or even have your console banned from PSN, so bear that in mind. I've used multiple regions since PS3 days and never had any issues at all.

    • Thats an excellent write up thanks for the info. I can see how those multiple accounts can save heaps but for a simpleton like me jumping through all those hoops for a casual gamer think I'll stick to getting the NZ ps+ when its on special. And I have a few nz ps+ games, so would like to keep access to them.

    • Would you explain what having a US account/PS+ means for playing online?
      Thanks for the detailed write up!

      • If you're wondering if you'll be hooked up to US servers for online games seeing as you have a US account the answer is no, you'll be connected to the same servers you would if you were using a NZ account.

        If you're wondering about playing online with different accounts, as long as your console is set to primary for all accounts on it then you only need PS+ active on one account to allow all the other accounts to play online as well.

        If you have a NZ account and you get PS+ on a US account you can still keep playing on your NZ account as per usual.

  • Wow, this is cheap.. what's the catch?