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Pay What You Want Wednesdays @ Joylab Restaurants (Auckland)


Every Wednesday in September, eat what you like, then pay what you want at any of the Joylab Restaurants. Joylab Club membership required (free). Booking recommended.

Franc's Bar & Diner
Mama Loco
Regatta Bar & Eatery
The Elephant Wrestler
The Merchant Pub Co.
The Postman's Leg
Coops Corner Pub
Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen
The Lula Inn
Garrison Public House
The Flying Moa
Goode Brothers Botany
Moretons Bar & Restaurant
Goode Brothers New Lynn
Goode Brothers NorthWest
The Zookeeper's Son

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  • +2

    Auckland only

    • +1

      yeah got excited and thought the list was divided into regions but then saw city fringe et al… haha

    • +1

      I'll edit the title

      • Cheers thanks OP , good deal btw too bad its not worth the price to fly up to AKL :P

  • +7

    How much shame can you bare.. Thats the question with these deals. Myself, not a lot - I feel like i would go 90% or most likely just the normal price, also why I hate tipping all the calculation and uncertainty.

    Does anyone walk out after a big meal and go.. 10% ?

    • +1

      I'd lowball if it was the pub near me that decided to blast music on outdoor speakers despite having no street seating. They've got it going 12 hours a day, the sooner that place goes under the better. Under new management, that is.

    • +2

      Yeah, i don't like these 'deals.' As you say, its 2 types of people, people who pay about full price anyways, people who lowball the heck out of it [and the 3rd option is people who overpay, making it not a 'deal'.] So, its basically a no-win unless you want to exploit a business.

      The analogue to tipping etc is pretty neat too!

    • I think 60% would be good, I haven't been going out much since the lockdowns and this might be a good way to get people back out and becoming regulars again.

  • I'll pay 50%. We don't go out unless we have a coupon or deal for about that discount.

    • -2

      And you're happy for a restaurant to potentially not even break even on your bill?

      • There are many 50% off deals. I'm sure they still make money or why offer these?
        Also some of the prices are a bit more than I'd expect. So I won't have any shame paying 50%
        Ribs with chips, greens. 350g $27.90 / 700g $44.50

        • From what I've read before, many of those 50% off deals don't actually earn much money, may even be a loss. I'm thinking about real restaurants here, not fast food outlets, not so sure about them. Also, many 50% deals are only for limited products i.e. those where the profit margin is higher or can be more easily semi mass produced. It can be complicated since restaurants tend to have fairly high fixed cost, or partly fixed cost (rent, and to some extent staff). Still I'm fairly sure those super deals are often in part a loss leader, to try and get repeat customers and/or based on the assumption plenty of people get additional stuff not covered by the 50%. (It's even worse when the 50% is on some website or whatever so they're not even getting the full 50%.)

          Personally if the restaurant actually offers a 50% deal, I don't feel compelled to get anything more or worry about their business, IMO it's their choice. But I agree with others that for these sort of deals it's a lot trickier.

    • +1

      Where are you getting such deals - or you must not be going out much. - 50% off deals are not often of the total bill, usually more like buy one get one main free (entertainment book style) and they still make the full whack for Alcohol / Drinks and other meals and add ons. So unless you just get 2 mains, its very rarely 50% off . This seems to be off the total bill

      • @Meridian Sounds a bit like First Table. 50% off food but not drinks.

        • First Table, Restaurant hub are 50% off food. This deal is only on food.
          "Promotion applies to dine-in food menu only. A payment must be made towards each menu item, at the conclusion of your meal."

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