$2 Large Chips @ KFC


CHIP CHIP HOORAY! Yeah, we reckon getting large chips for just $2 is a cause for celebration. Get in-store before 4pm to get your hands on this deal.

  • Only available until 4pm. Limited time only. Not available on KFC Delivery or at KFC Auckland Airport International Terminal.

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    • I think that was mostly a joke, but they have done this before and it was over a week I believe with no time limits. Anyway mostly wanted to say I'm fairly sure KFC chips only use NZ grown potatoes. I couldn't find this mentioned on their website, but the chip packets definitely say locally sourced potatoes as of 2 weeks ago. The import surge may have had an effect on locally source chip prices but wouldn't be surprised if not for KFC as would assume they have a long term contract intentionally resistant to short term price rises and falls.