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Heidi Klum Man - Men's Trunks 4 Pairs for $20 Shipped @ Bendon Lingerie


Add your 4 chosen pairs from the 4 for $40 range to your cart.

Enter Code HELLO20 at checkout for $20 off and the total should come down to $20 from $40

Works out to $5 per item.

If you order 4 of the $35 pairs for $20 this is a saving of $120 from RRP.

FYI the sizing of most styles is on the small size. I'm a 34 waist, however the M and L were too tight so I went with the XL and they are just right.
The L of this style fitted fine however. (very soft cotton - would recommend!)

Hoping someone finds this useful!


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  • Is there a minimum spend? Tried the 3 for $30 and it says coupon is invalid.

    • There is a minimum spend of $60 to get $20 off bringing an order down to $40. The Code is a newsletter code for $20 off orders of $60 or over.

      • Sweet. I just did the 4 for $40 and it came to $20 delivered. Cheers.

        • Wow, that's fantastic, well done! only $5 each! better deal thank I got dammit haha, The code must be calculating based on the original RRP in the cart perhaps instead of the bundle price. I might need to update the deal..

          • @apocalypso: Just unfortunate that this deal is coming up as NSFW on this site. Not appearing on main page. Only reason I saw it is because I clicked on live.

            • @Wakrak: Yeah I saw that NSFW tag, guessing that must be based on the URL.. I figured it must be put into some quarantine area and perhaps one of the Mod's can remove the NSFW tag so it gets better coverage, will see I suppose.

  • Damn! I had high hopes for NSFW. 😕

  • Thanks OP - great deal - bought 4 for $20. Used to buy these years ago when they used to be 5 for $50.

  • Any idea how long this is running for? I just bought some, but want to check sizing before i get more

    • This coming Wednesday is advertised as the last day. You can try on in store if you want to check sizing. They also have different colour choices not available online and some styles have sizes available that are sold out online.

      • Can you use the $20 off code in store too?

        • I wouldn't think so as it's supposed to be for signing up to their newsletter and for purchases $60 and over, in saying that there is a chance that their systems are linked in the back end. Maybe ring a store and ask if they can accept promo code's in store?

  • Nice find OP!

  • "things need to breathe"

    Thanks OP! What a great find 🤙

  • I keep getting "The gift card code couldn't be added. Verify your information and try again." when I try to apply HELLO20 at checkout.
    Is anyone else getting this? Or am I doing something wrong?

    • What did you have in your cart, the 4 for $40? Was working last night for me (used it twice now).

    • I tested just now by adding 4 pairs to a cart and then applying the code and it worked no problem. Are you checking out as a guest or logged in? Are you just adding items from the 4 for $40 range?

    • Just bought some now (thanks OP). @shijo046 I think you are entering the code into the giftcard box, and not the promotion code box.
      Go back to your shipping cart to add it in (its not in the screen where you enter address etc).

      • Ah yes was putting it into the giftcard box not the promotion code box. Silly me
        Thank you for that, have bought some just now!

        And thanks OP, amazing find

  • Anyone get their delivery confirmations yet? I ordered mine yesterday morning, so would have thought I might receive a delivery update today. In saying that though, Im still waiting on delivery confirmation for my 1-day order from last week…

  • The new gruts arrived this morning. Beaut (ordered 04/09/2020 - 23:40)

  • Great Deal. I got some Heidi Klum undies last year and they were a bit tighter than what my previous brand had been, so I've tried the next size up for this lot. Fingers crossed.

  • Great deal! Hello20 works for the 4 for $40 promotion

  • Thanks got 8 pairs today, ordered an additional 4 more. The sizing is slightly tight, I'm usually between S-M and I snug fit M for these ones. So err towards ordering a larger size.

  • Who would've thought underwear would be the biggest deal of the month so far. 70 is the number to beat for the year.

  • Great find thanks! Nice to replace my undies with something of better quality at a great price.

  • deal seems to still be active. not sure why its been expired?

    • Someone said above it's ending on Wednesday. Possibly this was what on their in store or mailer advertising or in their news letter? Not sure, I don't see any ending date on their website. Of course if it is due to end on Wednesday it may not end straight away depending on how their website is set up so it could still end anytime. That said, the fact they seem to be running out of sizes and colours makes me wonder if it could also be just a sort of clearance thing and so it doesn't really have an ending date.

  • Just got an email saying they have processed my refund.

    Item refunded: High tech cotton mens trunks x 2

    Didn't request the refund so assuming they ran out of stock?

    I don't know if this means my other 2 pairs are being shipped or not though

  • I have unexpired the deal because as mentioned the promotion seems to be still running. Still a few styles left of varying sizes.

    My orders arrived yesterday and all fitted well. Great to restock the underwear drawer with quality trunks at such a good price, and pleased so many others were able to aswell! There were about 24 Styles available online when I first posted the deal with most sizes available and now I see there are 14 styles and those that are are limited sizes so great that everyone has been stocking up haha.

  • I got mine in the mail today. Just a brief [pun intended] comment about the sizing. I have a 36" waist atm, got 3 XL's and 1 L [across 3 different designs, the cotton and modal etc]

    Not blaming OP, but definitely find it hard to believe they are 34' waist and found L 'tight' and XL 'ideal.'

    I overlayed the XL's across brand new Jockey XL's [from Asia], and the Heidi Klum's were in fact larger - I comfortably wore Jockey XL's with a 42-43" waist [10-16 kg's larger than I am currently].

    Will see if i can swap out all the XL's for L's, as there's 2 more coming on the way [bought 4 + 4, 2 got refunded though].

    • There is variation between the styles and the size as well.

      • Yeah, I got 3 different styles and they are all comically large for a 36" waist, let alone OP's 34". They look like something Cardi B and her booster pack bottom could fit into!

        Still glad I got them, excellent deal and thanks to OP for letting us all know. Just definitely puzzled by the fact 34 —> XL.

    • That's unlucky. I'm a 36" waist and got the large. The fit for me is perfect.

  • Did anyone get insect bites on their butt? Wore mine for the first time last night, woke up with two insect bites on my butt cheek. Lol