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[Pre-Order] Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones $399 @ Container Door


This seems like a crazy deal.

Pre order price at every other local store is the rpp of $599.

Edit: Have expired deal. See comment from Container Door.
If you were one of the first 20 then your order is good. For the second lot they've removed the listing for now as they try try to source more stock.

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  • I’m so keen for these, but what is that website? Anyone used it before?

    • Thinking the same thing. Seem to have decent reviews.

    • It seems to be a legit website. Deals for kitchenaid mixers have been posted on cheapies before with people commenting they had no issues with their orders.

      Looks like they have a showroom in Auckland.

      • You’ve convinced me. They have afterpay too apparently. If this is legit you’re a legend bro hahah

    • My brother used it a few years ago for the $1499 pergolas listed on the site, it went fine.

      • Off topic but how does he find the pergola after a few years. Been looking at them

        • Good, he hasn't had any problems with it. The fact they're selling the exact same ones for years is probably a pretty good sign.

    • Have used multiple times for smaller purchases. They are legit. They order stuff in by container loads straight from manufactures. But only ship when containers are full

  • Must be ordering in bulk from overseas.

    "Once we have enough orders to fill a container the deal will go through!"

    • Must be getting some good deal though. Pre order price on Amazon is $350USD.

      • I agree. Cheapest price I've seen at Ozbargain so far is AUD $329 but you have to have commercial membership.

        • +1

          Haha I just went to have a look at the oz bargain thread. Looks like Sony isnt honouring the $329aud sales.

  • This is a damn good deal considering the XM3's are $389 from Computer Lounge at the moment.

    Think of this site as the (mass)drop.com NZ equivalent. Let's make this happen!!! Everyone buy.

  • I've purchased from Container Door before and have had no issues.

    • My experience wasn't that positive. Received my order over a month later after chasing up with them.

      • Knowing the type of business they are running, they don't hold any power when it comes to producing the product.

        Delays are inevitable every couple of 'containers', and the business model literally means they'll never have any stock [at least on good deal stuff].

  • Do they still do Further 10% off with referral code anymore?

  • Great preorder price, judging from PriceSpy the xm3 did hit $379 but that was Xmas eve 3 months after release, so think of this as an early Xmas present.

    • Lowest for XM3 was $308

      • True but that was in November 2019, I’m just highlighting that 3 months after release it got to a similar price to this deal which indicates the price may drop for these a similar amount in that timeframe.

  • Ah yes containerdoor. They're legit. Only know them as a groupbuy website like massdrop when I was looking for authentic Eames furniture and they only offered replicas :(

  • Crazy, used XM3s are still selling for $300 on Trademe.

    • I should have bought more! I paid $246AUD each in October 2018, and had to buy two pairs to claim TRS.

  • +1

    Woo just scraped in with order #20 and the deal is on! Thanks, Stoic!

    • +1

      I ordered #18 sometime after 4am too. Late night (profanity) it purchase haha

  • "Deal closed" :(

  • Good price. I don't have much use for these given I'm not gonna be flying anywhere.

  • i guess it's just the standard warranty with these?

    • 1 year warranty with the option to replace or refund

  • This is a good deal!

  • +1
    • we made the purchase at the same time haha

      2 ORDERED

  • Merged from Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones - $399 Pre-Order @ ContainerDoor

    Pre-Order for the new Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise cancelling wireless headphones.

    Deal complete once 100 are ordered.

    This is the 2nd round of pre-orders.

    Estimated shipping date is September 3rd.

    • Hey our dark knight good deal and welcome to posting on CC, but look below its already been posted.

      • This is a second round, not the same deal.

    • 80 left…

    • Does anyone know if the 1 year warranty is a manufacturers warranty or is this grey stock?

      • The deal is closed now if you haven't placed the order. But it's a good question ; )

        • This link is round #2 so the deal is available

          • @turtle: You're correct! Thanks! Do you possibly know how the warranty works?

      • From their FAQ:

        What If Something Goes Wrong?
        We only want to offer great quality products at great prices and have happy customers – that’s the goal! So Container Door guarantees everything you buy from us for one year and we have a dedicated customer support team standing by to help you with any issue or query you may have. And of course you are covered by us under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. In short, don’t worry, we will look after you!

        I assume they're selling very close to what retailers buy them for, but can't say for sure if it's grey market.

        From the product page:
        If goods are faulty and not repairable we will either exchange it for you or give you a full refund, whatever you desire.
        We are a New Zealand company so you are protected by a series of guarantees set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act.

    • Great, thanks!

    • purchased!

    • I really hope this shit is legit.

      Don’t want any pre opened returned stock or ex demo / pre production clearance models etc.

      • Seems is not legit…

        • Based on what?

          • @KnightNZ: Based on second order page has been removed, and orders removed from users purchase histories…

            • @Jaxson: I ordered on the second round and it is showing in my account.

    • The site is very legit - ordered from them various times before. Usually take awhile to deliver, but this one is saying September.
      Deal is amazing - the Sony WH-1000XM3s are probably the best noise cancelling headphones in the world. This price is for the new version, which is even cheaper than you can buy the old version.

      Only annoyance I had from the site, is their OTT email campaign. But unsubscribing fixed that.

  • Looks like they underestimated demand a d have opened a second lot. Going by the tracer there's probably like 100 units.

    • Might need to change the link on the deal as the URL is now different.

      (Or people can just search for "Sony" on the site as they're the only result!)

      • Hey knight saw you did that thanks for posting the second link, would have missed otherwise.

      • Ah right. Have done. Thanks.

  • Does anyone know if the 1 year warranty is a manufacturers warranty or is this grey stock?

    • It seems like its provided by Container Door themselves: Yes, we guarantee all our products for one year offering replacement, repair or your money back for any faulty items. You are also covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. We can also help source spare or replacement parts within a reasonable time after your purchase.

      The line about the CGA means you could get up to 3 years really depend on the fault/cause of it.

    • It's grey stock, but if you're that worried about warranty then flip it and buy another from an official retailer.

  • Fully legit site. Been buying stuff from them for years. Ben Nathan (the founder) used to own Barkers Men Clothing store.

    Just bought 2. Thanks!

  • Ordered one thank you :)

  • how can they have a lower price than US?

    • This is an exception, even XM3 was lower than US RRP

  • Have bought from Container Door a few moinths ago this year. Bought some kitchenware for the wife and they delivered on time. Totally legit.

    So excited for this. I was just thinking about upgrading my XM3 recently but felt that the RRP price is too steep. This price however is good enough for me!

  • Thanks for the link, I have ordered one!

  • New to this - so if I place an order and the 2nd container doesn't end up filling, do I get charged on my CC now and then it gets reversed? Or do I only get charged if they get the sufficient orders needed? Thanks.

    • You only get charged when the group order succeeds.

  • Thanks OP, 2 ordered

  • Is this in the black or silver colour? Thanks

    • No idea! I assume it's black as per the photos, but I haven't gotten any model numbers to confirm. Might have to ask Container Door.

      • Ok, I'd want the black one… But read a review that mentioned both colours on offer hence my question…

        • This is for the black ones. My tax invoice reads "Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones #1(OS, Black)"

  • It says microphone, does it actually have a microphone so u could use it as a gaming headset or does it mean the noise cancelling feature where it can let things through

    • It has both I think, read the reviews first.

    • It has microphone for both noise cancellation and for using it to talk.

  • they increased the minimum orders amount to 300 … it was only 100 this morning =(

    • Think they increased the limit just to allow for more orders. They can often let the orders go through even when the don’t meet the minimum threshold.

  • +1

    Flossy Carter has put up a real review, he picked his up from Amazon for US$350 https://youtu.be/PWKdy1pvAYg

    • +1

      he also doesn't know what usb type last gen had

      • His review isn't for the last gen.

        • +1

          The last gen also had USB-C, what quote is saying is that he gave wrong info, as that part isn't changed between the 3 and 4.

          • +1

            @venomin: yup thats what i meant. apart from that i trust his vids, i got 1st gen of them from his review (was hardly any info about them back then and shops wldnt let you try them out)

            • @quote: Yeah I enjoy his vids also, but unfortunately lots of what he reviews is really difficult to get in NZ. Flossy is just getting over covid-19, so he's probably still feeling a bit dusty.

  • We had mark1, sold it when i have m3.
    just ordered. thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    You're an absolute legend mate. Was wondering if I should upgrade esp due to the BT multipoint pairing but RRP seemed steep - with this deal though it's definitely worth getting!

    I've ordered one just now too 🙂

  • Thank you Stoic, what a fantastic deal!
    I got my XM3's a couple of years back. I managed to get an awesome deal via ChoiceCheapies so it's great to keep the tradition going.
    The XM3's are awesome. I use them for work where I would normally wear a class 5 earmuff.
    The only downside was the calling which sounded like crap, hopefully its improved in the next generation.

    • +2

      MKBHD's review / section on the noise cancelling with an IRL demo: https://youtu.be/bInJjmH31Hk?t=214

      • +1

        The voice quality on the mic is still not very good (from that demo). A lot of digital artifacts coming through the voice. Would be ok for occasional use, but not for meetings or long conversations.

        • Yeah agreed - it's usable but not ideal thats for sure.

  • +2

    If you're coming from the XM3, there's a few differences to be mindful of such as them dropping aptX support in the XM4s. I've found Aaron is Loud and Wireless has a good video on this and I think he was one of the first to drop vids on the XM4s when they were announced. Link to his comparison vid here - https://youtu.be/PuQ0Av2jZ_U

    • +1

      Give they've dropped aptX, are you still committing?

      • Yeah I am (provided the second round goes through! Ha). The loss of aptX isn't a big deal deal for me.

  • +2

    What just happened to the listing? Was at 135 and then disappeared… :O

  • +1

    what's happening to my preorder, everything is gone.

  • Seems like they updated the original listing to be XM3 instead of XM4….. maybe its a typo after all… :(

    • WHAT?!?!?! Not like this….
      Edit: It's also gone from my Purchase history

    • +4

      Ah you're kidding me. For what it's worth to anyone in the same boat, I bought in the original offer of 20 units that closed on Sunday morning with the deal going through. Under my purchases it is listed as "Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones #1" and the tax invoice also indicates the XM4. This listing is still available to view here. I've also archived the page here in case the try and change the detail on it. They've charged my credit card and are supposed to dispatch on 3rd September. At this point I'm expecting they will either refund me, or offer the XM3s instead (which I'd decline). What a mess.

      • +1

        Damn, alright thanks for the info. I honestly hope they honour the first deal otherwise this is a major disappointment…

      • I suspect it was a cock up from the beginning. No way anyone's gonna sell at $200 below RRP at around release day.

        Maybe the initial 20 already has their CCs charged (CCs don't get charged until the container gets filled) and Container Door would rather eat it than to get into more trouble with ComCom….

  • +2

    Damn, reminds me of 1-day's google nest hub max stuff up..

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