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50% off Sistema Storage @ Countdown (+ Price Match with Mitre10)


Was at Countdown yesterday and noticed they had many (but not all) Sistema products at half-price.
Countdown prices are the lowest I could find online.

Might be able to price-match with Mitre 10. Here is Mitre 10 Sistema Range

Be aware that both stores will have the same item but Mitre 10 might give it a random name. Countdown doesn't provide a product number online either.
E.g., Countdown - Sistema Microwave Bowls Noodle / Mitre 10 - Sistema Microwave Food Storage 940ml Red (Model 1109).


  • Sistema Klip It Container 1L $2
    (Mitre 10 - $4.37)
  • Sistema Klip It Container 2L $3
    (Mitre 10 - $6.45)
  • Sistema Klip It Cereal Storer 4.2L $6.50
    (Mitre 10 - $15.58)
  • Sistema Storage Box Rectanlge with Lid 27L $10
    (Mitre 10 - $19.99)
  • Sistema Storage Box Rectanlge with Lid 60L $13.50
    (Mitre 10 - $28.47)
  • Sistema Storage Bin & Lid 14L $8.50
    (Mitre 10 - $17.88)
  • Sistema Container Set 6 Pack $9
    (Mitre 10 - $21.82)
  • Sistema Microwave Noodle Bowl 940ml $5
    (Mitre 10 - $9.36)
  • Sistema Takealongs 1.2L 4 Pack $5
    (Mitre 10 - $5.96)

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  • Nationwide clearance is currently underway as I believe Sistema is redeveloping their containers to be more airtight and watertight

    • Are you sure? 50% off every so often is something Sistema has been doing for many years now, since before they were bought out. I was wondering if they'd stop doing it after they were bought out but IIRC it did continue. AFAIK most times it's just been a sale not clearance. There was one time ~2? years ago when it seemed like it was clearance since they just kept selling it at that price at both Countdown and Pak'n'save. It was not long after they had launched the Ultra range so I was wondering if they were planning to stop selling Klip-It but they obviously didn't but assume they did change something about the Klip-it range.

      That said, this is set to last at least until next weekend (shows up in next week's mailer) so guess it's possible.

      • I know its a common promotion but this time its different. "Klip IT Plus" (I think its called) is due to launch from next week

    • Yep, that was my assumption after I spotted some new ones at Pak N Save the other day. Where you say "more air and water tight", I saw, "thinner and cheaper to manufacture". I reckon this is the final step before they shift the rest of their production overseas.

      • They will be a different size to the current range so they probably wont stack well which sucks

  • Any idea how long this promo is for ?

    • Just came back from Countdown and price labels said 03/08 - 09/08 (today), but @NIl Einne above said that it's in the latest mailer (so until 16/08?).

  • Halfprice at Spotlight now. Countdown still cheaper but Spotlight has a few different items.

    Spotlight Sistema Range