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Free Access to All Classes and Gyms in August @ Les Mills


Try Les Mills free for the month of August
Free parking, access to all classes and access to all gyms.


Mod: OK, this is either 1 month free for the month of August with no fees or 1 month free on 12/24 month contracts.

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  • i signed up via the link and it's given me LES MILLS FREE DAY PASS. doesn't day its free for 28 days. it only says GET A FREE 1-DAY PASS AND SEE HOW LES MILLS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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      They will also hassle you for months afterwards if you don't sign up. Not worth it.

      • yeah I've also experienced that with city branch

    • Updated: Use code TRAINFREE2020

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        if i use the code, try join online, it still shows only options to pay monthly fee without joining fee
        $28.00 PER WEEK
        Starting 1 September 2020

        • Ah ok. Updated.

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    It's not even try free for a month. It's just get first month free when you sign up to a 12-24 month plan

    • exactly, thats what i saw signing up online

      update: I spoke to one of the clubs, it's indeed free august whether you join on a 12 month plan or not, upvoting

  • Maybe they put the wrong thing up to start with? I signed up for the trial, didn't sign up to join or pay anything or use a code. "Nice work, you’re ready to get started with your trial – you can train with us for free for the rest of August, the sooner you start the longer you will get.''
    Also -> ''This promotion is a diminishing 31-day trial allowing access to any Les Mills club between Saturday 1 and Monday 31 August 2020.''

  • Still double the price of my current gym membership with group classes. Les Mills a bit too posh for me.

  • I had a 1 month free membership before with Les Mills, if I remember correctly it is December of 2017 / January 2018. I haven't heard any promotion like this since then

    • yeh i think i had the trial then too. handy if you're in the area and looking for a gym, but you have to sit through their whole sales spiel and follow up calls.

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    Works for me:
    "This promotion is a diminishing 31-day trial allowing access to any Les Mills club between Saturday 1 and Monday 31 August 2020. Trial is non-transferrable, not available in conjunction with any other Les Mills promotion and is not exchangeable for cash. Additional fees apply for Personal Training. Offer not available to existing members, ex members who have terminated their Les Mills membership within the last three months or individuals who have had a trial in the last three months. Available to New Zealand residents only. Standard Les Mills conditions and club rules apply. Les Mills reserves the right to refuse entry on the grounds of minimum age (15), health and safety. Photo ID required."

    I'll go in tomorrow and confirm!

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      I'm going tonight, if anyone wanna join :)
      I'll update how it goes

    • Confirmed. Worked. Just had to fill in an entry sheet when I arrived and they took a photo.
      I imagine we'll all be cold-called to the moon and back when the trail is over though.

      (no credit card sign up required)

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    I signed up online, took the email in store and they gave me an access card and parking coupon straight away - no credit card or form of contract to sign etc.

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    I used a free week trial with Les Mills and when it finished they harrassed me for nearly 2 years to join. Phone calls, emails and texts. It really was aggressive..

  • i just enrolled in city, they asked for no id or proof of address, filled up form, got key and i'm good to go

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