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Free Classic Burrito, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, 50% off Nachos, Free Chips & Dip + More @ Zambrero


"We're super stoked that you've been supporting us through everything. To give you something back we decided to create a virtual spin the wheel contest. It's full of delicious prizes that come in the form of voucher codes so you can use it instantly!

So, if you're feeling lucky today, all you have to do is click the 'Get Offer' button, and spin the wheel to win yourself 1 of 9 mouthwatering prizes!

Good luck!"

These are the codes I was able to obtain and you should be able to use one when you order. Enjoy!

via Wheel of Popups

Free Classic burrito = zamwheel_freeclassic
Buy 1 get 1 Free = zamwheel_bogof
Free Guac = zamwheelfreeguac
Free Chips & Dip = zamwheel_chipsdips
Free upgrade to IQ or PowerBowl= zamwheel_upsize
50% off nachos = zamwheel_nachos50

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  • I'm going to feel kinda bad for them not having a unique code for the free classic buritto, thats going to get hammered.

  • Thanks OP, ordered for dinner :)

  • The zamwheel_freeclassic code can be used for a free classic bowl too

  • The burrito and the chips codes have both been turned off.
    But 50% off nacho code is still good

  • Did anyone else get told off by email for using more than one code?

    • lol, please copy and paste the email here

      • We appreciate you getting involved with our recent campaign however terms are conditions are one spin per user and we have noticed you currently have ordered twice. I understand that you have ordered using 2 codes however it is clear you are trying to manipulate the system. During these tough times for the industry, we thought this would be a fun interactive competition to have for our customers but conduct like yours is making it more difficult for our already struggling industry.

        Looking forward to have you dine with us in the future but if you attempt to claim another competition voucher code you will be refused service.

        • Not a particularly smart move by them I feel.

          I wouldn't imagine it would have been that hard make the promo codes, single use per account. They should chalk it up as a learning experience for there marketing and or promotions team.

          Threatening to "refuse service" leaves a bad taste and I certainly would not be inclined to order again when thinking what to get for take away after reading this..

          Or maybe it's just me..

          • @NzShane: They assumed its like the work subsidy where people will take their fair share (yeah right lol).

            • @The Hound: True! And I think it's fine to send a message stating 'hey, this was against the t&cs' but let's face it because these codes have been posted far and wide (I assume), they need to accept that some people using the codes won't know about the initial promotion, never mind the t&cs.

              Zambrero is not a small business they should have the capacity to make sure the codes can only be redeemed once.

              If their promotion has a fatial flaw, pull the promotion ir fix it don't finger way your customers.
              As a business owner who is also struggling i feel sending a message like this to customers feels counterintuitive.

              Just find it fasanating this it the tactic they've used.

              • @NzShane: Have to agree if they want to limit it to one per account, they should just change their system so it works like that. Was the same code used? If it's different codes, it may take a little more work, but still shouldn't be that hard. Still I could understand an email simply pointing out it's against the T&C without a threat, followed by a T&C with a threat if you did use a code again.

                I could also understand going straight to a threat if you used multiple accounts. IMO when you're using multiple accounts to get around per account limits for promotions like this, even if you don't read the terms and conditions you sort if expect that's questionable. Of course if carefully read the T&C precisely because of this, and there's nothing that suggests only a single account or single use per person, that's an interesting situation, especially for a largish business.

                • @Nil Einne: I'm not sure, only used the bogof code once so didnt get thr email, just basing it off what id posted above.

                  But agree thr onas should be on the business to place restrictions on the codes otherwise it is enevitabe it will be exploited.

    • Just got a call from them for using the code more than once…

  • Thanks for this. However, should now be marked as expired. Finished 07/07

  • All of them apart from the free burrito still seem to be working

  • This offer has now expired.