Samsung 860 QVO MZ-76Q1T0BW 1TB 2.5" SSD $148.99 @ PB Tech


Seems to be the cheapest historical price for this 2.5" SSD.

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  • Good drive. I picked it up for $150ish last time, significant improvement over the Hdd it replaced in my build

  • Noel Leeming breathes a sigh of relief that they dont stock this

  • Any comments on how difficult it is to install these. Getting the OS installed on new drive would be my concern.

    • use minitool partition wizard free and copy drive 1 to 2 and then just boot, should work fine.

    • There's a Samsung tool that allows you to clone your OS drive. If you have a desktop, it should be fairly easy to connect the SSD in tandem with existing OS drive. If you have a laptop, you'll probably need a USB to SATA adapter to do the cloning (these are only about $20).

      • Thanks. Sounds easy. I have a desktop with plently of space. The old HDD seems to be on its last legs.

  • As per the last time this came up

    Be aware these drives have a fast cache, but are damn slow after that. So the sequential read speed is quite misleading since you only get it in certain circumstances and on large file transfers it will often be less than 1/4 the stated speed.

  • The QLC (Quad Level Cell) compression technology means that write speed is slow for large files >4GB. In the real world however there's not a huge difference as seen in my Crystaldisk benchmarks

    Compared to the SLC (single Level Cell) WD SSD (C:) running the OS alongside this Samsung SSD (E:) the only notable difference is the write speed for large files (top two rows) where the Samsung is approx 1/5 of the speed compared to the WD, while 1GB writes are comparable (bottom two rows):

    Basically just buy it. The trade-off is worth it.

  • any free shipping codes for pbtech currently?

  • Thanks. The difference in load times of windows is crazy.

  • Expired now picked up mine on Sunday :)