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Rebel Whoppers $4 each (Wednesday Only) @ Burger King


Half price Hump day.

100% Whopper, 0% beef, 50% off price.

Not available on delivery. T&Cs apply.

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  • The link doesn't show that deal. Where did you see it?

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    Tried last week it’s actually quite decent. But it’s less healthy than the normal whopper just in case you are wondering (and I’m using “healthy” very loosely here)

    • Rebel not on the main file yet

      Burger Fat Sugar Kj
      Whopper 47.0 11.9 3090
      Rebel 36.5 12.5 2690

        • Putting aside that there's no evidence for any harm from GMOs, and actually good reason scientifically to think they should not be treated any different from anything else we produce, that's almost definitely bull shit.

          No one is producing modified proteins or other stuff using GMOs in significant quantities. For medicinal purposes like insulin sure, but not for bulk food production. Single-cell protein, cultured meat etc, i.e. producing proteins via microorganisms are still basically experimental.

          Meanwhile for plants, there have been very few real attempt to significantly change the end product to make it more desirable for human consumption. One of the most well known golden rice, and was just adding additional nutrition production and not changing the protein that is produced and also didn't have much success. Another, Flavr Savr is long dead, and also simply stopping production of an enzyme. Because of consumer resistance and other factors, even stuff like increase lysine production in corn have generally targeted their use in animal feed. There have been some minor attempts e.g. the Innate potato but again these have not had much success.

          In reality, most GMO for food crops has been for herbicide resistance, pest or disease resistance etc rather than to change the profile or what is produced for consumption. And even for these, most producers of stuff which targets the vegetarian or "conscious" consumer purposely avoid them for aforementioned reasons of consumer resistance. (It's probably already clear that I don't really agree they need to on a scientific level, but I understand why they need to on a marketing level.)

          And I said this before I found the V2 page which confirms there are no GMO https://www.v2food.com/faq

      • 1140 mg of salt [vs 1010]. Not a 'huge' difference, but add fries and w/e and that's almost all your day's salt.

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