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Half Price Week @ Countdown


Half Price Week at Countdown.

119 different products to choose from.

Example: Mars Chocolate Bar 53g $1.49 $0.74

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  • $1.60 Skippy Cornflakes 300g
    $4.30 Kapiti Ice Cream On Stick 6 mini pack 60ml x 6

  • cheers for that op

  • Also known as "closer to the price things actually should be week".

    • Timely as I was just talking to my brother the other night. He's in Vietnam and can't understand why say Sensodyne toothpaste cost him $12 in NZ when it's $4 there. My sister is in the UK and they could buy NZ meat at half the price of here in NZ. Out general grocery costs here in NZ are actually mental high but it's considered the norm and I bet many don't even realise it.

      Lol just checked and yeah normal price for same $10.99 sensodyne toothpaste here is £4.50 GBP at Tescoes (not on sale), which is $8.65NZ. Groceries are freakin expensive here.

      • Supermarket owners are the fastest growing category on the nations rich list.

      • On the other hand NZ is an island in the middle of nowhere. Comparing it to a country with access to European mainland is difficult. And comparing it to countries with way lower average wage is also tricky. And as comparison: German groceries in general are way cheaper than French. That just depends on the peoples mindsets towards spending money and the whole supermarket ecosystem. That's also the reason why Germany imports veggies of less quality and the meat production is crazily unsustainable. So it's a pretty complex topic. But yeah. If countdown can allow to offer half price, then there might not be much competition on the usual prices.

        • It’s not just food though.

          MRI scan costs 120NZD in Vietnam. Brothers doctor booked it at 12 and I had it at 1.30pm same day.

          4 fillings cost me $150NZD at the dentists there whilst on holiday. Emailed me photos before, during and after plus copies of the xrays.

          Aspects of life here are mental and most don’t know any better.

      • used to work for foodstuffs, all grocery items ordered thru a supplier has a minimum of 30% profit and suppliers usually gave supermarkets deals.

  • this sale was pretty unimpressive on the mainland. Had more like 40 items 1/2 price and even with the discount a lot of it was still not a great price. The kapiti ice cream was about the only thing worth the trip.

  • I’m buying the pro active spread.

    I normally buy the sunflower spreads but I try this one just for the claims it makes. Apart from that just a tube of oral b toothpaste

    Try some rich people toothpaste see if it makes a difference. “Most likely not”

  • lol………. half price and still more than packies