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Rebel Whopper Burgers $4 each (Wednesday Only) @ Burger King


Half price Hump day.

100% Whopper, 0% beef, 50% off price.

Not available on delivery. T&Cs apply.

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  • These are good

    • Yes they are amazing not truly vegan as they use same grill for everything but I don't mind

    • Yeah, they're real good and as far as i'm concerned they ARE vegetarian. I class vegetarian foods on the ingredients that go into making them; NOT the grill they were cooked on (always baffles me when other Vegetarians and Vegans are so precious about where their food is cooked). It's an awesome step in the right direction; offering meat-free alternatives at fast-food joints!

    • These are way better than the normal whoppers imo

      • I have both occasionally, and now the normal Whopper taste like the rebel one because it soaks up all those rebel juices when cooking on the same grill.

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    How can you get this app still shows buy one get one free

    • No coupon needed. But if a trainee staff asked, just show them this link:

      • I think you can actually order on app if you want. It's a bit confusing since it still says $8 but when you are on the checkout page it does become $4 for the total. It's a bit weird since it says $8 for the burger and shows no discount but the total is $4 so I assume you'll be charged $4. I wonder if the kiosks are the same?

        In any case, it's being advertised on the NZ Herald and everything too.

        Note that the BOGO is multi use and lasts until 13 July so gives the same price as this deal for longer albeit needing to buy in multiple of 2.

  • Interesting, I found out on the app at least for me I can get the Rebel Whopper regular value meal for $8 and large for $9. I suspect this is related but have no real idea. This isn't as good a deal, only $2.80 discount at least for my store. I suspect it's today only but will try tomorrow.

    It's also a little weird. If you add an coupon for something else, it will show your $2.80 discount for a large value meal added to whatever the coupon discount is for the coupon. E.g. if you use the BOGO pie coupon it will be $4.40+$2.80. If you have no coupon no discount will be shown. To be clear, you still receive a discount, it's just that the total is less than the price. Okay fine it doesn't realise it has a discount so doesn't show it. But if you add a regular value meal along with a coupon, although the displayed price for my store is $10.80 and they are offering a $2.80 discount so it's $8, it seems to think there is a discount of $2.90. It will show $7.30 in that earlier case with a BOGO pie. (Still no coupon, no discount shown.) Maybe the value meal is supposed to be $10.90 or something I don't know. Even weirder, if you add a Rebel Whopper by itself it doesn't show any additional discount even with a coupon though the price is shown as $8 and bit you are only charged $4 as per the total.

  • Deal is on again. You may need to order in the app. Not sure. Just know got a push notification tested and confirmed it's $4

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