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Has anyone used before?

I want cheap printer ink, but this seems too cheap.

Any suggestions/feedback?


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  • I don't think I've used this company in particular (nowadays I buy my ink straight from China), but you can pick up generic ink for astoundingly cheap (my printer costs $22 per complete colour set).

    • Hi Toddy47,

      Where / what site do you buy from out of China?



      • Hi Alan,

        I normally shop around, but you can go to Aliexpress and search the printer model or ink model number and see what shows up.

  • I was in a similar situation about a month ago. A full pack of colours and black ink from the actual hp brand costs me over $100. I found a supplier on trademe (although there are a few other suppliers similarly priced) that sells all the inks together in a pack for $16.99 + $6 shipping. They do work really well and I haven’t had any trouble although I did need to fold the plastic tabs out a little to get them to sit properly. I’d at least give it a go from the website you found or on trademe because the savings are so immense. Just make sure your printer model is listed as one that works.
    The trader username I got them from on trademe was widetradingnz (but there are others too). I’m not affiliated with them, my username is cparminter on trademe.

    • Thanks. My main concern was using a site for the first time and handing over my credit card details to a business I don't know and can't find any info on. At the price I'd take a gamble on the product, just not so much on my Credit card info.

  • I haven't used them but I can vouch for, used them twice and the service is excellent - shipping within 24 hours even during the lockdown. Free shipping on all orders and code INK4U for an extra $5 off.

    • Hi Adrenaline,

      Please can you clarify - you say both:

      'I haven't used them but…'


      '… used them twice and the service is excellent …'

      Also, are you connected with them in any way?



      • Hi Alan. It appears that Adrenaline stated that they haven't used the place I asked about (bargain ink), but have used and can vouch for the place they mentioned (affordable ink).

        • Yes - That makes sense now I re-read it.



      • Sorry for my badly worded comment lol. And no I'm not connected to them, I actually found them on here when that coupon code was posted - (it says the code is expired, but it still works on their website).

        • Brilliant - thank you.


        • Weird, when I just tried using the code it shows "Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!"

          *Oops, just saw the code is only for full sets. The code still works

  • Thanks for this info guys, affordable ink really is affordable. Great! 😁👍

  • I use, both are great and have the same quality stuff and cheap as

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