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$15 off First Order @ Flamingo Food (Min Spend $20)


Add Code at checkout and get $15 off your first order (Min Order $20)

Available in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch

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Flamingo Food


  • amazing find, thank you for sorting my dinner out

  • Pretty much CBD only as they only use e-scooters for delivery.

    Edit: They do pickups

    • even though i did pickup its really difficult to work out how far each restaurant was or why some were "offline" , eventually got a wok from epsom which was good. thanks OP

  • damn, says "unauthorized"

  • any idea when this expires? not gna use tonight but if it only works today i will

    • Still works today Monday. Good timing as that menulog promo was winding down. Code is case sensitive FYI.

  • Where do you apply the code? is it after you click "place order"?

  • holy crap, its a shit show. i used, said the total was -15.

    then email, showed no discount

    checked visa, charged full price. rang shop to cancel, they said it was 2 late 2 cancel

    rang flamingo (was amazed i got a person to talk to) they said yes it was odd i had bben charged and they would refund the 15.

    few minutes later, shop rang, and said i needed to spend 40 to get the $15 off. i said again, nah ill cancel, they said no theyd take the 15 off (yknw…. the actual deal)

    went there, they werent paying attention to level 2 stuff whch annoys me as i have health stuff.

    got home after all that…. wrong meat in the order


    over charged, then got told had to spend way more, then wrong order and 3 ppl coughed in my face while waiting

  • Worked like a charm, thanks

  • Did anyone else have issues applying the code?

    I tried last night after registering. On the Android App on the payment screen there was no option to enter.

    • There is a code link at checkout, before entering your credit card details. Code is case sensitive btw.

  • appears expired

    • I'd just added the code and it still works (but did not place order in the last step). Code is case sensitive.

    • I just used it successfully - you need to register with the app and as The Hound notes, it's case sensitive.

  • Still worked for me today. Have to make sure you log in using Facebook/gmail in the app before placing order and yea might be case sensitive.

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