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Free Course: Learn to Code with Python (323 Lectures, 49 Hours) @ Udemy


Become a Python developer in 2020. Learn Python programming step by step. Projects + tests + coding challenges included!

4.7 (1,267 ratings) 30,876 students enrolled

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The course is jam-packed with:

  • 48+ hours of video, with new content added frequently
  • 60+ coding challenges that you can complete in your browser
  • 40+ multiple-choice quizzes
  • 35+ written assignments
  • Complete projects including Texas Hold-Em Poker

What you'll learn

  • Master programming in Python, a popular language that powers codebases in tech companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox and more
  • Dive into the mechanics of Python's data structures including strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, and sets
  • Apply your knowledge to solve common interview questions, algorithms and coding challenges
  • Explore a dynamic curriculum with videos, quizzes, written assignments, in-browser coding challenges and more
  • Progress from core language fundamentals to advanced features like classes, decorators and unit testing
  • Build complete projects including card games (Texas Hold-Em Poker) and more!

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