Clearance Easter Chocolate: $.70 to $9 + Free Shipping @ Smith & Caughey's


Yet more chocolate.

Although these ones aren't quite 1c apiece, they are of better quality than The Warehouse's range, so may be worth a go if you're a chocolate fan.

The familiar Lindt is present, and there are also offerings from gourmet NZ manufacturers Devonport Chocolates, Queen Anne and Schoc.

Shipping is free.

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    The RRP on those Lindt Egg (probably along with most others on there) must be severely inflated. Who in their right mind would be stupid enough to pay $236/KG for them!

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      and the 100gm bunny was $1.50 at kmart(usually $3) vs $3.60($12) at this store lol.

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      It's Smith & Caughey's, so yeah, everything gets hiked up to the level of their smug sense of superiority.

    • -1 vote

      I buy chocolate at $10/kg, never above.
      So a 250g block on special has to be $2.50 or less.
      That usually limits me to CrackerJack or Reduced To Clear specials.

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        Man, that even rules out Whittaker's, because they never sell to those places. You're missing out. Cocoa is expensive, so the cheaper stuff always has a lot less of it. $10/kg is going to get you more sugar than anything else.

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