Free Ancestry Library Edition to Library Cardholders


Click here to access Ancestry Library Edition. Access to this resource has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely, courtesy ProQuest and it's partner Ancestry. I assume other libraries have this service too

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  • Free for Christchurch as well

    What does this service actually let you do? I assumed it would let you look up your family tree but it seems it only lets you search death, marriage etc records for people and you have to build the tree yourself?

    • I found (when I used Ancestry a few years ago) that half a dozen people related to me had already built up their family tree and made it available, so the tricky work of figuring out which "Smith, John (b.1876)" was the right one was already done for some of my ancestors. Most of them didn't mention their source documents, however, so I'm not 100% sure if they did actual research or just guessed.
      If you have elderly relatives it's very useful to show them what you unearth, as they can confirm/clarify names and locations far faster than document research alone does.