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[PC] Free: Four Kings One War (Was $12.39) @ Steam


Another Steam freebie, an early access chess variant with mixed reviews. Appears to be made by an Auckland developer (StaplesVR):

With a variety of environments to choose from you can do battle deep in a native New Zealand bush where the battle arena is the size of a house and the pieces as tall as an average person. Or you may choose to do battle on the smaller combat arena nestled next to a spectacular waterfall or in the underground abyss. Users can go to the glow worm cave to watch replays of their games, hone their skills and watch strategy videos.

Four Kings One War will give you a mind blowing experience both in game play and environments. Experience the atmosphere of a native New Zealand forest including the beautiful native bird song to help you concentrate.

The basics:

Four Kings One War is a 1 or 2 player strategy game inspired by chess. Each player controls two armies as though they were one and get's two moves per turn. This opens up guerrilla style tactics and hidden attacks. This is strategy for the modern mind, outside the 64th square.

The VR DLC is also free. Note that it's been free for a while so is ending soon https://store.steampowered.com/app/932600/Four_Kings_One_War...

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