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New Customers: Slingshot Unlimited Internet $43.33 Per Month for 12 Months When Bundled with Power


If you take internet and power with Slingshot you can get the rates below for internet.
Seems you actually have to pay weekly or fortnightly to get the below rates but I have added the equivalent monthly cost as I'm sure that must be how others also factor in their head
Unlimited Naked ADSL, VDSL
Weekly - $11.03 ($47.80 per month equivalent)
Unlimited Naked Fibre (200/20)
Weekly - $10 ($43.33 per month equivalent)
Unlimited Naked Fibre Gigantic (900/450)
Weekly - $13.10 ($56.76 per month equivalent)

EDIT: I have re-run the numbers below to account 10% discount that you get with Slingshot power when you bundle with internet..
Now their power kWh rate appear marginally cheaper than I am currently paying with Meridian however they list it excl GST, so it's actually marginally more expensive..
Meridian 0.2794c per kWh incl GST
Slingshot ‭0.2880c‬ per kWh incl GST (after 10% discount for bundling)
At the 704 units I used this month I would be paying $6.02 more (High usage because of lockdown)
At the 444 Units I used last month I would be paying $4.39 more for power.
I am currently paying $80 per month for Bigpipe ADSL Internet so I would still be ahead overall (by $‭27.81 Last Month, $26.18‬ this month) but it very much depends what you are currently paying for power, what you are currently paying for internet and how much power you use as to how good of a deal this is for you.

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  • I think there is a 10% discount on power usage if it is bundle deal. So it will be little more cheaper than OP mentioned above or the mentioned power rates

    • I just checked their website and you are absolutely correct I did not take the final 10% discount on power into account. That would make power only marginally more expensive making this deal more attractive. Might re-run those numbers later when I’m back on my laptop…

  • Only for new customers just checked the t&c, oh well stic to my $95 plan

  • Wonder if this is any better than what I have with Orcon, I have gigabit fibre for $89.95 and 2 mobile plans but only pay $15 for them (1 x 2.5GB + 300 Mins and 1 x 1.5GB + 200 Mins) and I have power (low plan) with them with a daily charge of: 38.33c and usage per kWh of 30.19c, for 412 units it cost $136.26

  • FYI. My Slingshot fibre internet has been reliable.

  • Thanks for running the numbers

  • There was a time when other providers were charging $55 for broadband plans and running the usual power plans with promot payment discounts even then there was never a huge difference.

  • Can’t believe you guys pay so much for power.
    I’m with Ecotricity and my average cost per day is $6.36 (incl GST).
    With 809 units consumed last month, I was billed $191.

    • Hi hsran,

      What is your daily fixed charge, and what is the unit rate (inc or exc GST)?



    • they are higher than what I am currently paying with Pulse. 30c daily charge + 22.104c/kwh (excl gst).

      For ecotricity it is showing same daily charge but 25.91c/kwh.

    • I am with electric kiwi
      Daily charge is $0.37
      Usage cost is $0.3006 per kWh. (both are incl Gst)
      Excl gst then rates are $0.32 for daily usage and $0.2614 per kWh

      I get $20 bonus credit on every $200 top up.

      They give you 1 free hour of power which we use to run washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, dehumidifier etc.

      On most days our free hour of power is about 25% to 30% of our daily usage.

      I rang many providers but no one seems to beat our rates

      • The hour of power has been fantastic for lockdown. We have our for 9:30-10:30 and we shower, run the dishwasher and washing machine then and blast the heating to get the house up to temperature for the day ahead. We are averaging something ridiculous like 30% power usage in the hour and regularly go over 40% bringing the bill down to under $4 a day working from home.

      • The Hour of Power is good value, we also are consistently in the 30% free a day range, by having our central air turn on full for that hour to warm the house at night etc - The $20 extra on topup (and no credit card fees) is like a 12% extra discount as well which is well worth it if you can manage that.

        You must be in an area with higher rates - as my rates for that plan are

        Usage cost: $0.2854 per kWh (incl GST)
        Fixed cost of: $0.3700 per day (incl GST)

  • Just signed up for this deal. Works well for me as It's only approx $3 more per month for the power but $47p/m cheaper for the gigantic fibre. Cheers

  • Don't bother with this "deal". Their power charges are way too high and it totally negates their broadband discount. We moved to flick for power, but have kept the broadband with slingshot

    • Agreed, i am with Slingshot for broadband and Contact for power.
      Currently Slingshot have a offer $62.95 for 12 months contract, 100/10 fibre speed

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