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15% off at Pet.co.nz


Just had an email from pet.co.nz - guess I'm not buying enough from them.

Anyway, it's offering 15% off, with the coupon MISSYOU.

Presume it's not targeted as it's not specifically … specific? Unique?

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  • Worked for me and they gave me 20% off, thanks mate.

  • That didn’t work for me, not sure why.

  • Thanks heaps for this! It gave me 20% off my order. I ended up getting $500 worth of cat food (feline natural)…. I didn’t think my new kitten would be this expensive!

    • To save on costs, you can do what we do and purchase a pussydo cat tray from Trademe or a few other pet stores like pet.co.nz or petpost.co.nz and then buy the Pellets from Mitre10 for $10 a bag it works out much cheaper and better to do the cat litter than any other method.
      https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/natures-flame-wood-fire-pelle... The pellets absorb the cat urine and break down all you have to do is shake the tray and it falls to the bottom very simple to clean and 1 bag of pellets can last you up to 3 months