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Culley's Hot Sauce $0.01 + Shipping


As it says. While stocks last. Get in quick.

Discount shows in cart.

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  • $8 shipping!

    • AKA, $4 shipping + $4 of hot sauce.

      Oldest trick in the book.

      I tried adding multiple to the cart and price only applies to the first one. That's why they won't give any shipping prices until after you've entered all of your details.

  • $5 now

    my bad- once you add to cart it's 1c

  • $6 shipping to wellington

  • I think it's no longer available, Not discounting for me even till checkout.

    • strange, it worked for me just now. the discount doesn't show until you go to the checkout, but all up cost me $0.01 with $6 shipping.

  • How is Culleys Hot Sauce an essential service provider?

    • "it's not a crime if you don't get caught"

    • Enabling these guys by buying the stuff on offer makes you just as culpable. If it is not essential FOR YOU don't buy it.

      • Agree - hence my question. Just because one supplies a supermarket shouldn't make them an essential service. But then same logic might apply to tomato sauce (though presumably these are not sold direct to consumer online)?