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Free Pizza Meal Per Week Delivered for over 70's @ Domino's Pizza


Pizza chain Domino's is offering a free pizza meal delivered once a week for New Zealanders over 70 during the coronavirus lockdown.

Its "Meals For Seniors" initiative is in response to the Government's request for Kiwis to remain at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

New Zealand general manager Cameron Toomey said from Tuesday anyone over 70 that lived within a Domino's delivery territory would be eligible for a free meal delivered to their home.

The meal included one pizza from its value extra or traditional range as well as one dessert or garlic bread.
Its free order was limited to one per household per week.

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    Trying to organize this for my in-laws but number has been busy since this morning.


      Is there an option when ordering online?

      Likewise, I'd like to use this to supply parents, who aren't as internet savvy.

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        not aware of anything, I managed to get through once but it went to voice mail and the mailbox is full :(
        I think this might end up being a publicity stunt rather than Domino's genuinely trying to help the vulnerable.

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          Assume they will post on Facebook if it was https://www.facebook.com/DominosNZ/posts/10157361877522462

          To be fair, with only a single delivery per week, it not like everyone is going to need to call every day. So it may be just an initial surge that they can't handle and they will be able to do so over time. We'll see how it proceeds over time.

          But an interesting point is that I don't think it's entirely clear if deliveries like Dominos are supposed to stay open at level 4. While food deliveries like My Food Bag and HelloFresh are allowed, some news reports say UberEats and stuff are not. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/lifestyle/2020/03/takeaway-sh...

          So McDonald's and such places can't go "dark kitchen". (And McDonald's at least have said they will be closing. Interesting enough the other Restaurant Brands ones like KFC and Burger King haven't mentioned anything yet that I can find.) Domino's uses dedicated staff which I guess reduces one concern of Ubereats, random people going to a bunch of random restaurants and waiting for orders.

          But even with minimal contact there may still be additional concern of prepared food deliveries both in terms of numbers and frequencies (as most people are only likely to get enough for one meal), and the fact it it's going to be eaten without being cooked. I've seen it suggested this could be part of their efforts to convince the government to let them stay open.


    Domino's New Zealand

    Hi XXXX, we are still providing free meals to seniors for the remainder of today and as soon as we reopen we will be providing those free meals again. Thanks