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Free (Contactless) Delivery in March (Min $25 Spend) @ Hell Pizza


If you’re not keen on venturing out into the toilet paper apocalypse, we will happily deliver to you and now we also provide a contactless delivery option. Read more about why you can trust in HELL below.

Use code HELLCONTACTLESS for delivery for all of March.

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Hell Pizza
Hell Pizza


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    Bahahahaha, ‘toilet paper apocalypse’, crack up! I’ve been laughing solidly about that wording for about 5 mins!

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    Also Hells stuffed up their last Friday 13th $13 doubles and are offering it again until Sat 27th March.
    It's targeted though and only available for a single order. Check your emails.


      Nothing yet for me. How did they stuff up? Was it because their website had problems? Could be just they're slowly getting thorough them (I did receive the contactless email) or maybe I'm not counted because I did make 2 orders AFAIK without problems. (Was charged right etc, unless it was initially charged wrong then changed before the transaction was processed.)


        They weren't super specific.
        "Our Master sends apologies if you were affected by our system outage on Friday night. The curse of Black Friday is real and even we are susceptible to it's whims."

        Welcome to try and use mine. I'm not gonna use it BFSE-4D4346


        Their whole website was down that Friday evening for me anyway, but I managed to use the code over the phone instead.


    Anyone else have a voucher they're not gunna use?


    How much did it cost for delivery with a $13 double pizza?