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Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition Starter Kit $53 + Shipping @ MightyApe


lowest price ever according to pricespy.
Requires smart devices to be used as the controllers.
Recommend buy two to have 4 cars and double the track size.
Truck also available for $5.50

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    Sorry, this product is no longer available to order

    edit: oh the truck you linked is oos


    Bought the starter kit.. just 1 though. Hope the track will be decent size for a good game. Too late for the truck :(


    Great deal. I got this when JBHifi sold these off for around $80 last year. Novelty factor has worn off for me, but nonetheless still worth it at this price. Don't maximise the app screen on mobile noting I had issues with seeing some of the controls.


    Aww man. I am just discovering this right now and it was discontinued in 2017. That's crazy, it looks so good.

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      It’s great, you can play against the computer too, so great for only child scenarios. The track can be extended, you can setup jumps for the cars too. I’ve only starting playing so just discovering, looks like there is turbo boost and a uturn option, weapons to disable your opponent…
      Only downside is the cars only last for so many laps and need recharge, not an issue if you have additional cars that charge during play. Another company has bought ANKI so expecting to see a new version in 2020/2021 hopefully.


        Seeing this eventually led to documentaries about the huge model towns in Europe where they use the same system to have 10,000 cars driving around at once. They self-charge as well. So cool.

        THe hotwheels version looks garbage compared to Overdrive. What a loss.

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