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Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) - $269 with Coupon @ The Market


Nintendo Switch Lite in Turquoise for only $269 if you use the February 30 coupon ($30 off for $250+ spend).

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    What is the $30 off code?

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      If you login to the Market and head to the Coupons section, you will find a bunch of February coupons that you can claim. The one referred above is the February 30 coupon. Once claimed, you can add it to your order in the cart.


    I have in the past walked into Noel Leeming and they price matched The Market's discount on the spot, and that's a late-model Apple watch too. Saves you time from waiting for the item to arrive.


      WOW… I went to the NL at The Base yesterday and asked them nicely if they could do a price match on the Dyson V8. The lady at the counter said she couldn't do price match. I already purchased it via the app and asked if I could pick up the item. No for that as well.

      Got it delivered today and guess what, it was dispatched from the same branch.


        I find the service at NL varies depending on who we deal with. Last time I was there I was basically made to feel so bad to be there taking up his time to go to the back of the store to grab my product.
        I told him I was there to collect my product .. then he took his phone out to check his message and started typing something Im assuming replying his text message (I was like WTF in my head)…. then he 'kindly' go grab my product before coming back… put it on the counter… literally said "sign here"…. and proceeded to walked away.
        No normal social nicety….

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    NL pick up points are so stupid, I literally got a box and tracking number of the same branch of NL sending the item to itself for me to then pick up.
    The box had the postage and everything on it. How is this not a massive waste of time and resources?

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