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New Zealand Offers Free School Lunches to Thousands of Kids


A great initiative. Enjoy :)

Thousands of children have begun receiving a free lunch on every day of the school week under the government's free and healthy school lunch program, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday. The program is currently under way for 7,000 students at 31 schools, which is to extend to 21,000 students in 120 schools by the start of 2021, Ardern said while serving up lunch at a school in Hawke's Bay.

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    How is this a deal? In fact rest of the country who aren't eligible for this are paying for these lunches with our taxes and some of those families are probably struggling already.

    • Well right now its a trial, it will eventually be nationwide.

    • Sept 19th, you know what to do.

    • Hungry children getting fed? Sounds like a great deal to me!

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        As I said government's coffer is limited which means someone else misses out.

        And no, most parents are responsible and feed their children and do not need this handout.

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          I appreciate that we have differing views, and are not going to agree on this particular subject!

          I do see a bit of irony in the fact that people on a website devoted to getting deals or free stuff, is so opposed to people getting help (free stuff)

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            @fridgeyeti: Because it's not free just like the so called "free first year uni education"
            Someone ends up paying. If you believe it is then I have a bridge to sell you

            In this case ineligible families who are in worse financial situations are paying for those who might not need them. I'm all for people receiving help THEY NEED. A means tested or targeted approach is more appropriate.

            • @Zyo: You're making it sound like the government is spending the entire budget on feeding the students of kings college.

              This is a targeted trial, in areas that need it. Means testing would create a divide between 'kids with lunch tickets' and 'kids who have lunch'

              • @fridgeyeti: It's a slippery slope, it costs millions of dollars which could be spent elsewhere (like healthcare) and you are making it sound like it's pocket change.

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                  @Zyo: I'm sure it will cost millions of dollars! Based on $5 per meal, per day, and ~200 days of school per year, you're looking at $1000 per kid per year. The expectation is around 21000 kids by the start of 2021, so at least $21 million per year.
                  Education spend in 2019 was $14.3 billion, Health was $18.3 billion. Approximately 0.15% of the 2019 Education spend.
                  I'm not a doctor, but I'd guess that growing up hungry or malnourished would lead to longer term health problems throughout life. Spending $1000 per kid now, would pale in comparison to the cost impact to the health system in the future. It's a band-aid that won't fix the root cause, but it will contribute to reducing the cycle.

                  • @fridgeyeti: So it's the government and tax payer's responsibility to look after kids now?

                    Where does it stop? Why dont we start providing free breakfast to all school children because that's the most important meal of the day right?

                    As far as statistics go, less than a quarter of school kids in low decile schools need support with food. Maybe that 21 million could have been better spent to help those specifically?

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                      @Zyo: Why is it the government's responsibility to care for the sick, but not feed people who cant afford food? What is the difference?

                      • @fridgeyeti: Everybody eats, every day. Most people don't need healthcare every day.

                        If you can't afford to feed your family then there are already government programs and charities to address that. Also try not buying the latest iPhone and ditching the sky/netflux. Get your priorities right.

                        As a tax payer I have no interest in paying to feed someone else's kids.

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                          @NeM2k2: Mate if you are so upset about paying $21 million to feed some kids, wait until you hear about what the government gives to old people.

                          • -1

                            @fridgeyeti: Maybe lower taxes on ciggies. That will give some parents more money.. Oh wait, they will just buy more ciggies or maybe a new TV?

                          • @fridgeyeti: Retirees have contributed to the economy through taxes and have every rights to their pensions.

                            Having kids is a lifestyle choice and arguably it shouldn't become societie's burden if one doesn't have the means to their poor decision making.

                            • @Zyo: Cheapies is a community that shares resources (time, knowledge) for the greater good and mutual advantage. i.e. the sum of our efforts is far more than an individual could do alone. Kinda like society really, so I'm all in for sharing resources. (Thanks for your deal posts btw)

                              • @Nitty-Gritty: You know what's for the greater good? Not having too many children especially ones you can't afford to look after.

                                The planet is already overpopulated.

                                This is the cold hard truth. Without the fluffy feel good high horse BS.

  • who decides whats healthy?

    • Cindy :)

      • Karen

  • +9

    This reeks of political grandstanding…

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    if I wanted news I would go to a different site

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    I guess this is what all the new and raised taxes pay for.

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    Are we going to start posting any government initiative as 'deals' now? How about the Best Start allowance for new parents, is that a deal?

    • I really hope not

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    great initiative but i don't see why it is a deal. maybe in the forums.

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    My neighbour sometimes gives others in our street free lemons from their tree.

    Can I post this as a deal? It's only applicable to a small number of hand-picked people. But so are the school lunches.

    • They call these "targeted" deals, they get posted here occasionally. :D

      • Targeted to 7000 people. Targeted to 7 people.

        Where do you draw the line?

    • +1

      wait - what street is this? why haven't you posted it yet??

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    Screw Jacinda. Our taxes were high enough when John Key was running. Bring back National. Jacinda says the Auckland fuel tax was going to be spent on transport however, they underspent by around $200 million and nobody knows where that $200 million is now… (source: NZHerald)

    My vote is negative btw. This is a valid comment so give the negative vote back moderator

    • -1

      Even though I think Simon Bridges is a grease ball who makes my skin crawl, I will be voting National next election.

      The handouts and renegging on election promises this time around lost the left my vote.

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    It is a great initiative, but it really isn't a deal and shouldn't be listed here. It would be great to list it in the forum.

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