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20 Nuggets for $10 @ KFC


Limited time promotion from KFC, no coupon needed, it's just a regular menu item (including on kiosks) while it lasts. Good deal if you like KFC nuggets, far cheaper than the 6 pack, normally their biggest option which costs about $6. As often the case, airport store is excluded.

After a few days? of billboard advertisement seems KFC finally got around to posting it on their website and Facebook.

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  • It’s been advertised all around Auckland for a couple of days now so I would think it’s all locations

  • Saw this deal on a billboard in Lower Hutt so I agree with Joshyss.

    • Thanks both. Was wondering if they'd advertised like that. Normally they also post on Facebook but they don't seem to have done so yet.

  • Love me nuggets +1

  • How's KFC nuggets compare to mcDonald's? (I don't particularly like McDonald's)

    • McDonald's nuggets are IMO somewhat typical tempura coated ones, similar to Burger King or that matter Ingham, Tegel's frozen nuggets. (For the latter reason, they've never really seem worth it to me.) KFC nuggets have a somewhat different coating derived in part from KFC's original recipe one. Not everyone likes them, but IMO they're one of the better chicken nugget options out there.

  • Is $0.50 per nugget considered actually a good deal?? (I'm not sure about that)

    • According to my insider's information (past KFC employees) this isn't that good of a deal.

      • What better deal is there? I haven't seen any offered in NZ in a few years. They do offer this deal semi regularly although last I can find is in January last year. But in 2018 was maybe 3-4 months on average IIRC. Generally lasts a bit longer then deals like Gimme5, still wouldn't say it's very common. The regular price is like $6 for 6 (most they normally offer).

        Even when they offer them as part of some coupon deal along with other stuff, while it can be difficult to estimate, if you compare to other coupon deals with similar items the price you are paying for the nuggets tends to be more IMO.

        I'm sure that cost-wise, they are making a lot of money on these, more than other items like chicken on the bone. But unless you have a friend willing to sell you a pack of their frozen nuggets or some other such source, not really any alternative if you want the KFC nugget taste other than making your own from scratch that I'm aware of. Admittedly I've never tried of the fancier frozen nuggets to see how they compare.


    They sent this via email now, Is it any good?

    "Ya better get your fill before this epic
    deal is gone because it won't be here long!"

    • Thanks. I see they've also posted it on Facebook today and their website since I checked on Saturday. (They always delete the regular nuggets page which is a bit weird.)

  • Best nuggets available in NZ are the 3 for $20 packs you find in the chilled (not frozen) section of larger countdown stores. These are identical to the best nuggets in one of the Australian chains which I can't name. Deep fry @180-190°C in canola for maximum impact.

    • You mean these ?

      Never tried them before, will try them at some stage.

      I'm not expecting much though. They look a lot like your typical tempura coated nuggets, similar to Burger King, McDonald's etc. Or the frozen Ingham's and Tegel's frozen 1kg packs. (Or for that matter the various home brand ones.) I'm not saying they're precisely the same, the ingredient list (for some reason the Ingham site doesn't seem to have the non free-range 1kg pack) shows they're different.

      I mean I'm not saying tempura nuggets aren't nice, they are. But I've never found them that spectacular either. And never found any reason to rave about certain variants like some people seem to do, generally with McDonald's. So it's possible especially if I tried them side by side, I'd agree these are the best of the lot. But they're still just tempura nuggets with no mention of any seasoning so I doubt they're that majorly different. (I do agree deep frying them produces a somewhat different result from oven bake or shallow frying, better than either.)

      I know this is very off-topic but since we're talking about KFC, I recently tried the Nashville and Louisiana chicken on bone. I deep fried them despite it not recommending it. (Thawed them first of course.) They're not the same as KFC (or Texas Chicken for that matter), but not bad. Actually I think Louisiana is better than Texas Chicken's non spicy/hot chicken, I've always found them a bit plain. Price wise, they aren't that much better than Gimme 5 though. I think the pieces are maybe slightly larger even after cooking but you do seem to get about 5 pieces.

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