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Dispute a Private Parking Ticket - Free (Usually $3.50)


Having received one too many parking tickets, I've decided to set up a self-help tool to automate the process of disputing liability.

The tool spits out three customised letters:
* one to send to the parking operator to deny liability;
* a follow up one in case the operator replies;
* a letter to send if the operator bothers to engage a debt collector; and
* in the unexpected event the matter gets referred to a credit reporting bureau, a letter to send to them.

The plan is to sell the tool to cover my costs (and to cover developing more self-help consumer tools) but for the next few weeks, I'd like to share the tool with the Cheapies community. Promo code 'TICKETBEGONE' should bypass the payment screen, but let me know if you have any problems.

If you like the tool (or if you don't), I'd be grateful if you could share your feedback with me so I can:
* make this tool better; and
* decide which tools to work on next!

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  • Oh nice, you're even using one of the pictures I personally uploaded when writing a guide for this exact issue 4 years ago:
    BTW that is my actual ticket that I got from Wilsons :)

    • Ah sorry! Do you mind? I can swap out for another picture if you do.

      • Not at all, feel free to keep using it! Glad I had blurred out the sensitive info though :)
        Since you are well versed in the art of law, do you know if there is a case to be had for the defendant not paying the stipulated fee if it went to the courts/tribunal? The info in the GP Forums thread is from my own research and have never gotten legal advise on it, however it's good to see that a lawyer as yourself as stipulated that the same steps apply i.e. tell Wilsons to get screwed, dispute liability with debt collectors and send a letter to the Privacy Commission should debt collectors put defaults against your credit history.

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          With the disclaimer that this isn't legal advice… I think there are arguments either way.

          There's a case - ParkingEye v Beavis - in the UK which basically says that a £85 fee is out of proportion to the loss the operator suffered, but that the operator has a legitimate interest in turning over parking spaces (in the context of a time-limited parking space). But that isn't necessarily the law in NZ - there hasn't been a case on point yet.

          I think there is a good argument that the fee is a penalty across the industry as a whole. One Wellington parking company literally set up a subsidiary called 'Municipal Enforcement' and has a section on their website titled 'Pay Fines' - so they're not even trying to pretend it's not a penalty.

          Plus there are also fact-specific arguments (e.g. 'the lighting was so rubbish that I couldn't see the signs', or 'I wasn't the driver, I just own the car') that I think are pretty strong.

          I took a case to the Disputes Tribunal myself against you-know-who, hoping to argue some of these points with them. But they summarily withdrew the breach notice and the whole thing was over before it started.

  • If you use seniormouse thread, there is enough information to do this yourself. No need to pay money, now that's a deal

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      I've tried to use my background (I am a lawyer, but have built this in a separate capacity), and my own experience contesting a ticket to make a tool that has lots of additional arguments - and which goes into more detail.

      But, like you say, the idea isn't a novel concept - it's been around at least as long as seniormouse's post (and probably before that). So there's plenty of info out there if you want to write your own letter(s) and save the $3.50.

      • Nah good work, i'm sure you're fine tuning the responses better than most people can spend their own time trying to think up. Hope you help out many people :)

  • Slightly different in the UK in that beavis lost eventually which was a sad time for UK drivers in that these private parking firms are literally there to extract every penny they could regardless of if it was one minute past the allotted time and the driver spent 5k in the shop that hired the cowboys to run their carpark for.

  • You're all doing it wrong here. What you need to do is opt out of them having accesss to your details. Go to NZTA Revoke Authorised access and put your details in. Then, so long as you haven't got one of their apps with your details, you never have to pay another ticket again. Just throw them away. Don't dispute it. Private companies won't be able to access your information via your licence plate number.

    • Have a read of this thread, your comment is not 100% accurate I'm afraid.

      • Yes, that is a useful preventative measure - I'll put a note on the landing page to suggest this.

        There are some downsides - NZTA says it might make it harder to deal with vehicle financiers and insurers, but I'm not sure how much of an inconvenience it would really be tbh.

        Plus, if the car is registered to a company (e.g. work vehicle, rental car, car share), then opt out isn't available.

        Plus it doesn't help if you've already gotten a ticket and haven't opted out.

  • long time ago i once had a parking ticket from wilsons. they sent a threatening letter to my address marked with big red letters like "CAUTION" or "IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR X" on the outside. Letter was signed from a collection company which i looked up. turns they were de-registered at the time so I replied saying telling them that their business is not legit. nothing happened after that but man what a dodgy industry using scare tactics.

  • The government really needs to regulate parking IMO. It shouldn't be too difficult, as it seems to currently be the wild west and a license to print money.

  • Thanks, my credit card g fee just got waived.

    • Was that using our credit card fee waiver tool? I'm chuffed to hear it! If you don't mind me asking, what card product, what fee, and what bank? I'd love any other feedback you have too.

      • Yes, using the CC fee waiver tool. ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum card. They charge $75 every 6 months. Will have to send email every 6 months though :).

      • I have had ANZ fee waved before by asking. I tried with my now kiwibank platinum a few years ago and was told Don't even bother asking it is out of our control. Something to do with the tie in with airnz. Not sure if there is any truth in this. Signing back up with anz as kiwibank going from mastercard to visa so have to change auto payments anyway.

  • "WriteForYourRight is not in any way associated with the Beastie Boys." I Laughed