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BNZ YouMoney Account Now Free (Was $5/Month) + Free Debit Visa Card (Was $10/Year) When You Sign Up Online @ BNZ

  • 0% Interest Rate.
  • Google/Apple Pay.

Not the most exciting deal, but useful for a dual-citizen like me because you can open the account with RealMe and have it as travel account.

You can see the old charges: https://www.backpackerguide.nz/how-to-open-new-zealand-bank-...

Would have really liked to have this account because today my Citibank AU card got declined at PakNSave Fuel, Waitomo and was finally accepted at Gull… :/

Also some places are ETFPOS only.

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    Thanks man, super helpful :)


    Thats interesting, my commonwealth bank AU card has never been declined in NZ.


      I only have issues with CitiBank and buying fuel.

      I imagine it has something to do with taking out $150 as a deposit and refunding whatever you don't use or something as is written on the pump.

      My friend has a Bendigo Bank AU travel card and that requires signature so the automatic pumps don't accept it.

      The other day I was went to a massage therapist and they only took NZ EFTPOS.

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    If you want to use it as a travel account, a better option might be Transferwise. Someone posted a cheapies deal on Transferwise a while ago.

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      My Citibank AU card gives me a very good rate, but the issue is more that NZ EFTPOS only terminals and NZ petrol stations reject the card sometimes, probably meaning I need a domestic card.

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    Transferwise is great. Used it to go to Aussie and got a much better exchange rate than the bank. Easy as.

    Use the cheapies referal link: https://www.cheapies.nz/api/referral/46

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