Amazon and eBay etc. - Any Big Online Stores Deliver to NZ?

Hi all,

New to NZ and noticed that Amazon , ebay etc. deliver hardly any items to NZ.

I have been using Aliexpress type stores, but sometimes amazon AU has amazing deals and ive got a year membership we got just before leaving Aus haha .

The question is - is there a trick to ordering via ebay or Amazon to NZ or do we just need to alter our shopping habits :)

Thanks guys !

ps: Awesome to be a part of CC , after coming from OzB it is a warm welcome to the world of Kiwi deals on the sister site .

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    Nothing special really.. Amazon send most things to NZ via the US store. (I have found it cheaper to use the US Amazon than the Aussie one).

    They keep hinting at Making Amazon AU a bit more NZ official.. however that seemst to be ongoing and always just around the corner.

    Can't speak much for Ebay.. they scaled down their NZ presence a couple of years ago, however do have coupons for NZ only now and then still. :)


      Never really used Amazon US, will give it a shot! What sort of things have you had ordered here if you dont mind me asking !

      Also did you have to pay duties / customs etc?

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        Pretty much everything heh.. (Latest purchases being a car stereo + some board games) It will calculate any GST/Duties etc at the checkout for you with the shipping cost etc.

        One thing to note is that all the GST $$$ is about to change .. so some things will become slightly more expensive and some things with become slighly cheaper.

        Also I find it cheaper to buy it in $USD as their $NZD/fees seem to be slighly higher than your bank.

        They have also had free shipping weeks to NZ in the past.. but sadly have not seen one this year yet :(


          Oh true . Yes the GST will be a bummer….

          Sucks about the no free shipping :( But will keep eyes peeled. Thanks mate!


    You can buy anything (nearly) on Amazon or eBay. For those that don't offer direct shipping here just use a re-shipper. Youshop from NZpost works well. Even if they do offer shipping here is can be much cheaper to use youshop instead.

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    I use Amazon US all the time. I'm a Prime member so the shipping is really reasonable. I've found Amazon AU a total waste of time. A lot of the items are more expensive and they won't ship to NZ for some reason. Amazon automatically include NZ duty etc on their shipping costs so it takes out all the worry with duty & customs.

    One thing that does annoy me with Amazon - Amazon Echo items are way cheaper on Amazon US but they won't ship to NZ. Neither will Amazon AU even though they're supposed to be our local.

    Also, I'd be careful of what you buy expecting YouShop to forward it onto you. They are really picky about internal batteries in anything electronic (including watches!). Check their help page here:

    Ebay is a pretty good option (especially if you can get free freight). Gotta be careful of their Global Shipping Program tho'. Talk about over-inflated gouging on the freight forwarding!

    On Ebay you need to be careful of the value of what you are buying. I found a good rule is don't let the price plus freight exceed $350 or you will attract GST and customs duty. You can check out the details here:


    Does anyone know whether Amazon US have now started adding NZ GST to sales to NZ from 1 December 2019 onwards?

    I haven't tried buying from Amazon UK recently, but sounds like from the Stuff story that Amazon US is the only available option now?


      I tried adding something on Amazon USA to cart yesterday shipping directly here. (didn't follow through to checkout) No mention of GST. Aliexpress is up and running with GST added on everything.

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