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30 Day Unlimited Calls & Texts + 1.5GB $4.90 for First Month @ Kogan Mobile


not as good as the $70 plan for $4.90… but a deal is a deal

30 Day Prepay Mobile Plan
Unlimited standard calls & texts

$4.90 For the first 30 Days

All to use within NZ.

Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only.

Offer ends 11:59pm NZDT 07/01/2020 unless sold out prior.

T&Cs apply

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    Hi There,

    Is there an option to activate with the sim without any plans. I would like to just add credit and see how their network it before I port my number and signup to a years contract



      It's a prepaid service. There is no "year's contract". If you sign up for a 1 year plan you pay for a year in advance but there's still no contract. You do have to give your credit card when you sign up and by default your plan (30 days and I assume 365 days) will auto-renew but you can turn this off. I suggest you do this after completing sign up so you don't forget.

      You can also port your number in at any time, like with all NZ prepaid providers. (Not sure but I suspect it's probably required by the porting regulations.)

      You missed the 32GB plan for $4.90. (Available to the end of this month but only purchasable until the end of last month.) But this 1.5GB for $4.90 isn't bad. Given the reasons highlighted below, you wouldn't want to only try a few MB anyway. I suggest you buy one of these and try it, remembering to disable autorenew. If it works you can port your number. Heck you could always buy 2 and use 1 to completion then port your number with the second one. (Technically you're not a new customer so it's probably a T&C violation but if you use a new SIM, I'm pretty sure Kogan doesn't know or care if you're only doing it twice.)

      If you want to pay for the 365 day option for the discounted rates, you can switch to it at any time. Note however you pay straight away and will lose any remaining data etc. So you probably only want to do this either when your plan is close to expiry or when you run out of data. Since there's no carry-over, there's no harm in letting your plan expire completely before you switch.

      There are also voucher codes for the 365 day plans. These have no discount but do come with the free SIM. These don't seem to have the new customer requirement but with no discount other than the free SIM, I can't see why you'd buy them except for the new SIM. So you could also buy one or two of the $4.90 vouchers. And if these work fine for you, buy a 365 day voucher and add that to your new SIM when it arrives and port your number. I think although IANAL and haven't read the T&C much etc, that buying one of the $4.90 1.5GB vouchers and then later buying a 365 day (or other non new-customer) voucher isn't even a technical violation of anything. Note the vouchers do expire at the same time, so you only want to do this close to the time you need it.


    used kogan data for a month, it was so slow it was almost unusable, had to switch to two degrees.


      I've only been using it for about 6 days but haven't had that problem. However I have had weirdness with Minecraft Earth which I'm not sure is because of Kogan/Vodafone or MCE (which is quite buggy) or some interaction. I've also found for some reason I sometimes cannot send pictures or videos in Hangouts which I think may be because of Kogan or Vodafone because I have no such problems on wifi unless it's my phone or Hangouts doing something weird.

      (I've also found my Huawei P30 non-Pro isn't as aggressive at switch to mobile data when WiFi is having problems as I'd like for 32GB but with the amount of data I normally have I prefer it that way most of the time.)


    The previous 32GB/30d/$5 deal comments are closed.

    -My 32GB voucher expired before 30/11. The email said expiry was 30/11.
    -CSR issued me a new voucher after talking on live chat.
    -Finally got it to activate on the new code.
    -Confirm email link doesn't work on Firefox, only Chrome for some reason.
    -Card activated fine, but I have no data even after 24hrs, checking APNs, rebooting the phone and etc. SIM status says LTE connection, data & voice are active.
    -Probably need to live chat again but Kogan NZ is far from a smooth experience like you get in Australia right now.