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$4.99 for 3 Wicked Wings, Regular Chips and Potato & Gravy at KFC


Use code "PLU122" at any KFC store to receive 3 Wicked Wings, Regular Chips and Potato & Gravy for $4.99
Heard on the radio and exclusive to that radio station, have used a bunch of times as is a bargain for lunch or a quick dinner.

Offer available until 5th November 2019

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    might be possible to use survey code on this deal too, normally $5 minimum spend, so if you pay cash that would round to $5.


    Hey you guys know KFC branches with a refillable drinks station? I went to the Albany branch a few months back and they had one. The Coke, L&P tasted diluted unsurprisingly, but better than nothing. And with that survey deal with free chips and drink (min $5 spend), its an added bonus.


    How do you use this code "in store"? Do you just tell it to the cashier or do you need the app or something?


      There is no kfc app yet, the code you get from the website is the one you tell the cashier. You might want to them them its a survey code.


      Yep, whether it's drive-through or instore, you just tell them you have a code: PLU122 (all of their codes begin with PLU i believe)

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