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Auckland to Rome, Italy $1093 Return on China Southern


It's been a while since there has been a cheap flight to Rome. This is only $36 more than the cheapest ever fare on Cheapies. Fares include seats, meats meals and bags. Dates are February and March 2020. Long layovers in Wuhan and Guangzhou however you probably have enough time to go an explore the cities on the way there/way back.

via Secret Flying

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    You will require a China Visa to make more than one stop!
    You're best to find a flight which has only one stop in China to transit Visa free

    • Are you sure that is correct? I believe the 144 hour & 72 hour visa would apply from the time you leave the airport irregardless of # of cities.

      • You must enter and exit from the same city, one stop only.

        Why not spend $20 more and fly one stop with Air China via Beijing, saving 8-10 hours of travel time in each direction? This is on the same Skyscanner link you posted

        Sure, its a good price… but weigh up time, convenience, comfort and the cost of a visa. There are much better options out there.

  • This guide explains more clearly:

    Ports of Entry:
    In order to take advantage of the China transit visa, you MUST arrive and depart directly through one of the following cities. This usually happens at an airport, but in some cases can be done through a seaport or train station.

    Regions of Movement:
    Once you’ve entered through one of these ports of entry, visitors taking advantage of the 72-hour or 144-hour transit visa in China must remain within the specified regions for each port that include

    Understand China Visa-Free Transit Visa Rules & Restrictions:
    2. Specific Flight Details: In order to be eligible for the transit visa, your arrival flight and departure flights will both have to be international flights. What this means is that if you’re leaving Chengdu after using the 144-hour transit visa there, you can’t have a layover in Beijing, Shanghai or any other Chinese city. It MUST directly be leaving the country. Again, for the purposes of this visa, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau count as a “different country”.

    => No domestic flight

  • Includes meats!! (I assume that should be meals)

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