Flybuys Honour The iPhone Deal!

Honour the DEAL!! - Flybuys iPhone 11 pro max !!!

Found this petition to challenge Flybuys on their move to not honour the deal! - There are rules around what you can/cannot honour, the petition argues some meaningful points and urges the commerce commission to investigate and help rectify the situation.

Sign up to the petition and spread it to your family and friends - let's make a difference! :)

  • Ps read the post before you say oh "its a mistake"

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    Uh, this wont achieve a thing…. You're talking an estimated over 5000 orders.
    That's almost $15 Million at retail, even if you take away the amount people paid, and assume a cost price at 90% of retail, that is still over $10 million.

    A bit of fun on a Sunday, with the possibility of some bonus points as a apology, but that's about it.
    Fairly certain it wasn't fixed as the IT guys from Flybuys probably have the weekends off so sorted it when they got back to work on Monday morning.

  • This will kick up a fuss for 5 mins and give flybuys extra work but as for anything more than that, not gonna happen.

  • Back the petition and we see what will happen - there is due diligence which the commerce commission needs to do. If theres enough people backing it - there will be something done.
    There are laws which prevent organisations from pulling sly shit - you can't say it was a mistake and not justify it. How did it occur, why, what will you do to not let it happen again.
    Whos gonna pay for my missed opportunity cost on the amount I spent? they aren't going to reimburse you overnight will take at least 7 days if not more.

    • There are actually NZ laws that protect retailers should they make an obvious price mistake such as this, so yeah I highly doubt this petition will make a difference. I mean look at that Harvey Norman furniture saga which generated alot more noise, and not one single customer was able to purchase the furniture for such a low price in the end.

  • Hey SamW what is it you want to get out of this, sure fb screwed up and they need to fess up with a few points bunged your way but even my cat knows this was a boob by a hungover data entry clerk.

  • My eyes lit up when I saw the title of this post haha! Twice in two days now I have been left disappointed (first being that $141 iPhone lol). No more clickbait! :-) No moreeeeee

  • I really don't understand why people are complaining. It was obviously an error. The fact that so many people purchased it show that people knew it was too good to be true. I didn't even bother wasting my time on ordering one, because it was so obvious that it was an error.

  • Wont work. Never Never Never. Unless the petition aims to try and change a long standing (and sensible) NZ law. Put yourself on the other side of the fence. I have listed something on TradeMe for $5 buynow (was meant to be $500) Sticky "0" key on my keyboard was all it took. I was able to not complete the deal. Contractual Mistakes Act 1977 I think is the one that covers it?

  • I am sorry but some people are too greedy. I agree with one of the comments above - why are you guys complaining? It was obviously a mistake and people knew it before placing the order. Some people even bought 2 phone, 4 phones and 8 phones to get a profit from it.

  • Please People Move On and Let It Go !! Mistakes Happen but it wasn't life threatening no one injured the Sun is still shining !!

  • oh please. it'll be great if you can profit on other people's mistakes, but persecuting them for it is just silly.

  • What meaningful points does the petition argue? It makes no legal points at all. I laughed at "how did they allow news agencies to report on it before fixing"… um because media don't approach companies for permission to write a news story?!

    As others have said, there is a law that covers this which defenders seem grossly unfamiliar with. Even in countries like the UK that have laws more on the consumer side, it can still be hard to win.

    I wish you the best with you spending your energy here.

    • Oh and it's not unreasonable for a NZ company to only be open weekdays, thus the delay in fixing and why laws like that exist

  • I'm going to start a petition if there is demand.

    To ban sammie6969 from this site. One like is one prayer.

  • Signed up, no problem

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