This was posted 11 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Huawei P30 Pro/P30 | $451 off w/ $59.99 Plan | Free Huawei GT Watch @ Vodafone


First post everyone, please be nice :) - just wanna also say thanks to everyone here for all the amazing deals posted!

Okay, so, this is very much like the $400 off with 2degrees that was posted here a while ago and is still active except now Vodafone is offering a better deal. What you want to do is go into a store to redeem this deal and you will need to sign up to a contract to redeem the $451 off and since it is an open term, you are able to cancel anytime and still keep the $451 discount.

Fine print on the Vodafone website: "Save $451 offer: Available when purchasing any Huawei P30 series device Interest-Free on a $59.99 and above Open Term plan. The total monthly cost is phone plus plan costs, plus an initial $49 deposit. Balance of phone cost must be repaid if you exit, transfer or trade-down your plan before your Interest-Free period expires."

Noel Leeming is now (I confirmed this on the phone) affiliated with Vodafone (instead of 2Degrees) so you will be able to sign up for the contract there.

Now here is where the deal gets sweeter. After calling Noel Leeming to double-check this deal, they were willing to add a bonus Huawei Wireless charger along with the Huawei GT Watch if you sign up to the $79.99 plan. Provided you still cancel, this is essentially a freebie if your sales representative offers this to you. I was getting offered this over the phone so I guess they were desperate to earn that extra cash from signing you up to a contract.

Here's the link to the Noel Leeming website:

The website has double up's where half the phones have the bonus watch offer till the 10th of Sept. while the others have it till the 24th of Sept. - Not sure what's going on there.

Also, please check with your local store if they are able to offer you this deal and that they have the colour in stock.

So let's sum it up:

- Huawei P30 / P30 Pro
- Huawei GT Watch
- Vodafone $451 off w/$59.99 plan and above
- Huawei Wireless Charger (Depends on your sales guy and whatever product is not selling in that store that he/she is willing to chuck in for free)
- 42 (Double) Flybuys Points (Till 10 Sept.)

UNCONFIRMED: Huawei's is offering a Huawei T3 tablet when purchasing the new Huawei phone from one of the selected retailers. Now, Vodafone is not a retailer that you can select from that list but Noel Leeming is a selected retailer.

Better explaination given to me by a friend as to why it may not work:
As you are signing a contract, you are technically buying the phone from Vodafone and not Noel Leeming. Noel Leeming acts as a middle man, doing the paperwork and supplying the goods while collecting a commission from Vodafone. Noel Leeming acting as a middle man may provide additional incentives to increase the amount of contracts they sign through gifts (wireless charger). So, despite getting the phone from Noel Leeming, the phone itself is from Vodafone and therefore may not be applicable to the redeemgift tablet.

However, have a go, send in your reciept and S/N etc. on that website and if you get a tablet, lucky for you!

Let me know how you guys do. I bought the P30 Aurora (not from Noel Leeming) and so far its been absolutely amazing.

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  • Does the Noel Leeming receipt show the full purchase price? So that the tablet can be claimed?
    Tablet terms and condisitions state "b. Purchase and fully pay for the Huawei P30 or P30 Pro mobile phone at participating stores nationally between 12:00am 19th August 2019 to 11:59pm 30th September 2019."

    • On my receipt (not from Noel Leeming) it shows the full price despite only paying the small $50 or something for the initial deposit upfront. Everyone I've known on a contract from 2Degrees has been able to redeem the gifts and cancel their contracts no issue with only paying the upfront fee at the counter.

      That part shouldn't be an issue I suppose. The part I'm not sure about is whether Huawei's redeem gift would deny a claim based on the fact that Vodafone is "selling the phone" despite buying it from Noel Leeming. Along with the fact they haven't advertised getting a tablet with the phone on their website and the salesperson couldn't confirm whether someone could get one or not on a Vodafone contract.

      • Great deal. Which store did you call/purchase from? Trying my luck with same sales person to get that wireless charger :)

        Did it go smoothly when you tried to cancel the plan with Vodafone?

        • You'll have to go in-store to sign up for the contract anyway so perhaps give your local stores (plural) a ring and see if you can get them to reserve one with the wireless charger. Of course YMMW so good luck.

          Can't say for the cancellation yet, I would recommend asking the salesperson or Vodafone themselves about the cancellation part since they would have a bit of experience on the specifics but it was implied to me over the phone that it was relatively straightforward since they were offering me the wireless charger for just going up to the $79.99 plan and not having to pay anything since I would cancel anyway.

      • When you claim for the tablet, you will be asked to provide evidence of purchase (receipt), which in this case will be from Noel Leeming or whoeverr (not vodafone), so logically you wouldn't have any issues claiming the free tablet?

  • Firstly nice post on the deal! :) Although I will not partake, Huawei must be getting desperate!

    • Thank you for your upvote and support but I must refute the statement about Huawei being desperate. If Huawei is getting desperate, then Samsung, OnePlus etc. must be too I believe. Just look at the countless times PBTech / NoelLeeming / JB have offered a BOGOF deal for the S10, and even still 2D is giving up to $300 off the S10+ when you sign up…(+$150 JB voucher if you sign up at JB) Not to mention the fact that PB tech gives at least $600+ (Was $918 at one point with the Note 10+) worth of extras with each Note 10 / S10 sale. Competition is good for the consumer, so who gives? I'm personally after the best value for money and so after 4 years of multiple Xiaomi phones, I think Huawei is currently the best competitor in the market for this particular range.

  • Nice deal. Huawei is releasing an updated p30 pro with some minor changes I guess they are clearing the stocks.

  • Does anyone have any experience signing up to Vodafone and canceling? Is the first month prorated ie if you sign up on the 10th can you select the 11th as billing date and cancel only having to pay 1/30 of the monthly plan?

    Or is the plan prorated regardless of billing date? Or you have to pay at least one full month of the plan?

    • I've just been to the store, and the salesperson says vodafone will charge us 451$+ remaining balance if we cancel the contract before 24 months. He was willing to throw in a Belkin wireless charger though. And told the purchase will be eligible for the tab via redemption as well. Came back empty handed.

      • so are you saying this deal cant be done? as in you ill have to pay the discount back?

        • That is what the salesperson told me. He suggested I go for 2 degrees plan which is giving 400$ discount, and buy from some other store as Noel Leeming does not offer 2 degrees plans.

  • With the Mate 30 around the corner (18th Sept).
    Might be worthwhile to wait to see if Google services will actually come with the Mate 30 or not.
    Although $450 off seems pretty good with some freebies, but the 2 for 1 deal previously would have been better?
    How long is this dealing for for?

  • Well researched post, well done and welcome!

  • Isn't there a new P30 pro that Huawei launched a while back?
    Would be sweeter if the new verison was offered. Looks a lot better than the unicorn rainbow fart colour.

  • Where does the 24 months come from? The mobile plan is open term as far as I can tell… Would be awesome deal!

    • The plan itself is open term. To get the phone discount you have to agree to pay the phone off over 24 months interest free..
      This deal is obviously about then cancelling it with Vodafone and still getting the discount. Someone above mentioned this isn't the case though, as they were told anyway.

      • Found this in the interest free term and conditions, not sure how to interpret it.

        You agree that you will repay the outstanding amount due on remaining Interest Free Payments in full, prior to terminating or ending your eligible plan or transferring or re-signing. The outstanding amount is determined by the device recommended retail price at time Interest Free Payment was provisioned – (deposit + any Interest Free Payment paid to Vodafone + any device rebate amount, or Interest Free discount amount, if applicable). Early termination and transfer fees also apply to any Red+ 24 month plan.

        Does this mean the discount will need to be repaid back?

        • If the discount is the "Interest Free discount amount" it appears as that will be taken into account when working out how much you owe.

          If you cancel in the first month you should owe 1099 - 49 - 0 - 451 = 599

  • pb tech have the 2 deg deal, u only get $400 off but you get more "gifts"

  • Hey guys if anyone is interested to buy the Huawei P30 Pro, Warehouse Stationary is selling for $1200 ( On top you can redeem the Huawei Tablet ( as Warehouse Stationary is listed as a seller that you can redeem from.
    Hope this helps someone.

  • Hi, so has anyone so far actually managed to get signed-up with NL, cancelled within the month, and still got to keep the $451 discount (plus also got the watch, charger, and redeemed tablet)? Or does the discount have to be repaid upon early exit? Thanks

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