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Pizza Hut Free Regular Cheese Pizza (Min Spend $8)


Free regular cheese pizza with min $8 spend when you enter 5 digit code divisible by 3.

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    I've never had a pizza hut store actually honor one of these, you put the order through with the code, but it never shows up on the receipt and isn't there when you go to pick it up, resulting in an argument.


    Not working anymore


    Just done an order with code 12345 for free regular cheese pizza. Will let you know if it works. 🙃


    Worked for me as off 11.30am


    These are always 50/50 in my experience, half the time it doesn't show up on the receipt in store and they have no clue about it and don't have the extra pizza for me and the other half it works perfectly


    The code always works for me as long as I pay by cash.
    It does not work if you pay online.

    I got my free cheese pizza yesterday.


      As in order in-store or order online and choose the cash option?


        Order online, cash pickup. Always worked for me. Would be better if one can use 2x codes per order to get the fries too, but its okay.

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    Works fine for delivery. Just use any 5 digit code in it that has a 3. Note that once one code is used it will expire so just keep punching in random codes till you get it.

    This seems to be a glitch in the system so grab it before they chuck the duct tape on it

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