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Berocca Performance Effervescent Vitamin Tablets - 2 Packs for $10.99 (Normally $9.99 Each) at New World


Saw this deal in New World today, I don’t usually buy them since they are quite expensive for what they are however at this price they are more tempting.

The deal is 2 x packs of 15 effervescent vitamin tablets for $10.99.

Usually these are sold at $9.99 per pack.

2 flavours available- ‘Original Berry’ or ‘Orange & Mango’.

Their sales pitch is “Buy any Berocca 15’s at our 2019 price and get another at 1969 price of 70c”.. not quite sure how they do the math for this considering they say normal price is $9.99, would that mean 2 packs for $10.69?

In fact, having just read their advert it does say “any” berocca 15, I only saw the ‘performance’ ones but there may be others.

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