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Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB - $1,698 + Bonus $966 Worth of Extras @ PB Tech


This is a really good deal. Buy the note 10 or note 10+ and get extras worth $966. You can sell the extras for $500 pretty easily and the phone would only cost you $1200.

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  • Put the actual price in the title

  • can you link the actual free items? Wanna see this 500-966 value

  • This is an interesting deal, except who is buying the note 10? The note 10+ is the one to get, as it isn't much more percentage wise, and is far far better. The note 10+ is the update from the note 9, whereas the note 10 is a weird downgrade. So although you get a better deal with these 'freebies' if you buy the note 10, the note 10 is overpriced IMO for what it is compared to the note 10+

  • Who in their right minds buys a phone for $1600. I could do so much more with that money! I could buy a pretty decent phone for mucccch less and have so much money left over.

  • BEWARE the Note 10 with the Exynos is significantly slower than the US-market one with the Snapdragon 855. Like 20 seconds slower on Speed Test G.

  • The deal is valid for both Note 10 and note 10+. Im pretty sure that noel leeming will put out a deal with these phones. You are technically getting the phone for $1200 which is pretty good. Its crazy how much companys are depreciating the original price of the phone


      You are technically getting the phone for $1200

      Technically you buying a $1700 mobile phone and getting a load of junk they can't sell thrown in as a "bonus".

      Its crazy how much companys are depreciating the original price of the phone

      It's crazy how massively over-priced these devices have become … or maybe not since they're now more portable computers than phones (few people actually use them as a phone).

      • well, if u cut the rrp for each of these by 50% and sell them, u can easily find buyers keen to buy it.


          Maybe, but is it really worth all the hassle? It would far more sensible if they simply lowered the price of the phone, but of course they're relying on the sheer stupidity of most people going "ooh, freebies".

          • @DisabledUser6364: Exactly. Several manufactures have done BOGOF deals on their flagship models which essentially halves the price. I am not sure why they initially price them so high. Perhaps to match apples pricing, but Apple also have a entire operating system they develop which you are paying for in the phone price, and their devices are supported for far longer with new iOS updates. I use both android and apple, and both have their pros and cons, but android on samsung is now very ios like. . Have a note and I love the pencil on it, use it all the time for editing. Using a finger is painful.

          • @DisabledUser6364: you realize this site is cheapies?

            calling people that like deals stupid? maybe u shld leave

          • @DisabledUser6364: (profanity) idiot is what u are mate.

          • @DisabledUser6364: i got my s10 a few months back through one of these deals and it only cost me $700 off noel leeming.

          • @DisabledUser6364: perhaps you're just lazy and except good deals to come to u

  • Anyone buy this and want to sell the watch? PM me

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