This was posted 5 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Discount Day - 10 c/Litre off Fuel (from 7am 22/8 - 12pm 23/8) @ Gull


Gull discount day is Thursday the 22nd typical times i.e. 7 am to midday Friday. Confirmed 10 cents off.

Don't forget the vouchers if buying from a staffed site.

After it wasn't on last week seemed likely it would be this week and indeed it is….

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    oh thank god, decided not to fill up today (10c/off day) so with this I'm guessing the other big 4 will be price matching, which means it will be cheaper than today with the usual 6c offer :')


    What are vouchers? Never heard of them at Gull


      For the past few years, on discount days if you go to a staffed site with a store and pay in store you should be given a card with two vouchers giving $5 off $50 of fuel and one voucher giving $3 off $30. If you fill up at the speed lane of a staffed site you may be able to get them to give you one by going in store and asking but not sure how often that works.

      They aren't offered at sites which are all pay at pump. In assume both because they can't be used there and also because there may be no one to hand them out. Also I think they sometimes run out either late the first day or sometime the next before noon.

      These are generally valid from the Saturday after discount day and ending Sunday before next discount day. Although sometimes, as happened this time, it wasn't last Sunday but the Sunday before that.

      At current prices this means over 20 cent / litre discount for petrol if you fill exactly $30 or $50. So better than the discount on discount day. Although they can only be used in store so you don't get the 6 cent discount of the speed lane.

      With more and more stores going all pay at pump they are rarer than they were, but still offered at the remaining staffed ones eg Rosebank.

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        ~20c/l is the usual coupon savings but I've found that they also lower their pump prices by around 10c when other companies do their 10c/l off discount days (usually Thursdays) so this should give you around ~30c/l savings in total.

        If you can, hold off filling up until Thursdays.


          Thanks! I don't fill up very often and have noticed the price seems unexpectedly low on Gaspy sometimes but never figured out that pattern.

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