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Xbox Game Pass Unlimited 2 Months $2, Stackable to 5 Months for $8.95 @ Xbox


Xbox game pass unlimited =Xbox game pass on pc+ Xbox gold live+ Xbox game pass

How to possibly get 5 months:
ONLY FOR USERS NOT TRIED Xbox game pass unlimited user!!!
Currently, Xbox game on pc is having 3 months for $6.95, get this first then buy the 2 months for $2 Xbox game pass unlimited, they will ask you to convert then you will be converting your 3 months Xbox game pass on pc to Xbox game pass unlimited. It will be total 5 months.
If you tried Xbox game pass unlimited, you cannot do this stack again.

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    So does this actually work? You say how to 'Possibly' get 5 months.


      Can confirm that it worked for me; got 5 months overall for $8.95 NZD. I would suggest using their website rather than an app as the app is apparently missing certain options.

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    "Xbox game on pc is having 3 months for $6.95".
    I can only find/select 1 month of Xbox gamepass for pc ($1).


    That’s a great deal thanks. I’m super interested in sea of thieves. And for 8.95 this is amazing deal.


    Can't do this trick anymore. Once you brought the PC pass for $6.95, when you try to buy the 2 months Xbox Ultimate pass for $2, the buy button just get greyed out.

    Never mind, the button got greyed out because my Microsoft Live account didn't have an associate Xbox account. Once I created the Xbox account the button worked.